Win 1000 Free Business Cards or Canvas Print with a Creative Comment


Here’s a great competition to brighten your day―a chance to win two prizes from, an online printing company committed to providing a high quality printing experience at affordable prices.

Apart from business cards and canvas prints, Uprinting can print a wide range of material, from calendars to wall stickers.

How to Enter to competition:

1. Leave a comment at the end of this article, describing what you would use the free business cards and/or canvas print for.

2. IMPORTANT: To make things more interesting, you must include THIS WORD below in your comment to be eligible to win:


3. The Most Creative Answer including the word “dinosaur” will win. I will choose the winner based on creativity―not a random selection. I chose this word, as I had just taken my kids out to a Dinosaur exhibition, so it seemed fitting.


1000 free standard size business cards for one reader and 1 free 18×24 canvas print for one reader

You can choose from any of stocks for these items.

The Rules

Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

Closing date is the 10th March 09, 24:00 GMT.

Note: YOU DO NOT need a lengthy comment to be eligible to win, just a quality one 🙂

Now, why not be creative to win a fantastic prize?…

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23 thoughts on “Win 1000 Free Business Cards or Canvas Print with a Creative Comment”

  1. Roughly Famous

    We are group of young entreprenuers who have just last Sunday started which is a site and radio show to help show people that business is fun and not just for old the Dinosaur in their cave of an office!

    We will use the Business Cards to distribute to young people in schools and libraries to help give them the motivation to take this perfect chance to get a business started!

    Roughly Famouss last blog post..Internationally Known – USA 1, UK 0

  2. Shonika Proctor, Teen Biz Coach

    Much like the dinosaur was the dominant species that roamed the Earth during it’s time, I would carry on that legacy with a modern twist.

    If you want to become a powerful person you must empower others.

    So I would use the business cards to create an idea inspired by one of my teen proteges and coaching clients, Danielle Herb of Natural Horsemanship, I would create pay it forward cards (she distributes pay it forward paper wallets which are really cute).

    First we give out the 1000 cards with inspirational or motivational tips or sayings. And on the card it will say carry the card until you meet someone who seems in need of some good energy then give the card away.

    The cards would have a website url that forwards back to this site to a blog post with the story behind the cards.

    And on the blog post it would ask people how they pay it forward. The story starts with giving out the cards and the canvas. Then everyone who received one of the cards would go to the site and add a comment of their favorite ideas, resources or tips or of paying it forward.


  3. Andrew

    Blubits is a design blog that will be lauched very soon, and so it’s very important for me to have proper business cards. Unlike the dinosaurs, which dissapeared, my cards would always be in my pocket waiting for new clients. And just like a dinosaur, the cards would rule my desk!

  4. JetGirl

    Because I haven’t had business cards since dinosaurs roamed the earth….

    I’m also tired of having to constantly tell people what my email address and phone number are. Having it printed on a card they can keep with them, well that’s just genius. I suffer from having contacts who are either oblivious to technology or their someone who develops it. A card with important letters and numbers already printed on it would help tremendously.

    JetGirls last blog post..Subie Wishlist version 1.0

  5. Josh

    Well, obviously I would use them to construct a hat and earmuffs for my dinosaur.. It’s winter you know.

  6. Marco Aurelio Benites

    Q: How do you make a dinosaur float?

    A: Put a scoop of ice cream in a glass of root beer, and add one dinosaur!

    Hello All!

    If I were to win this contest, I would use the business cards to help jumpstart my freelancing operation. I’ve never had a business card, so it would be a fun project.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  7. Lance

    Dinosaur: Whoa! I’m a dinosaur. Who are you?

    Me: Hi my name is Lance, I’m a graphic designer.

    Dinosaur: Whoa! I’m a dinosaur. Who are you?

    Me: Uh, Lance. I’m a graphic designer.

    Dinosaur: Whoa, I’m a dinosaur. Who are you?

    Me: Erm, Lance…

    Dinosaur: Whoa, I’m a dinosaur. Who are you?

    Me: Lance!

    Dinosaur: Whoa, I’m a dinosaur. Who are you?

    Me: You have a small brain.

    Dinosaur: Whoa, I’m a dinosaur. Who are you?

    Me: I wish I had a business card.

  8. Jeremy

    If I win, I’ll make a giant dinosaur-sized house of card!

  9. hd-J

    Great contest!

    I’d personnally be really happy to receive a set of Businnes cards! I feel ashamed to say that I am doing mine at home right now.

    I actually own a dinosaur that I have locked up in my basement. It is working day and night printing all my business cards. Consequently by offering me these business cards you would contribute on the animal welfare of a rare specie! Think about it! 😉

  10. Matt haltom

    Everyone knows a business card is important to a business. It helps you connect to others. Perhaps if the Dinosaurs uses them, the animals would come to them to be eaten, rather then the Dinosaur needing to hunt.

    The card might read:

    Tired of life? I’m Hungry, come live in my tummy.
    Mr. Dino, 5107 River Side Rock
    Pangea World 11111

  11. Guyhom

    A fat dinosaur ate ALL my business cards ! I need to print fresh ones !!! Please help me !

    ***** grooaorooaooaoaaaaAaAaAaaaâââr *****
    (read this line growling like a dinosaur)

  12. Robin Van Rijn

    I have a new design business starting up soon that I wish to promote using 1000 the business cards and such.

    However more importantly I need a large canvas print of an album artwork (for again promotion purposes) that I created which is actually strangely about how an extinct dinosaur (neo-godzilla) comes back from the dead to ravage capitalism one more time.

    Robin Van Rijns last blog post..Benefits of working with a freelancer.

  13. DVQ

    If I won the Business Cards or Canvas Print I could recreate a scene from King Kong with Dinosaurs and put it on my cards/print.

  14. Jeffrey F

    I will use the business cards so that my company won’t go extinct, like the dinosaurs!

  15. Mike Freeman

    I wish I had enough money to grow dinosaurs in a tube. That way I could bring some back and tape really cool dinosaur fights, like the ones in old black and white movies. But I don’t even have enough money for business cards….*Sigh*

    If I had some business cards with dinosaurs printed on them I could film them fighting in stop action like in the old movies though… I wonder where I could get some kick ass business cards with dinosaurs on them?

  16. Felipe

    The dinosaurs disappeared because they could not adapt to their changing environment. We shall disappear if we cannot adapt to an environment that now contains spaceships, computers, thermonuclear weapons, and fantastic canvas prints from Let your mind adapt, survive, and grow creative!

    Felipes last blog post..padrelife: @m4rtis como esta reynosa? Se ve bien peligroso en la tele.

  17. Elizabeth Cooper

    Have you ever wondered why there are old dinosaur bones in museums?

    I have, and I decided it’s for the same reason I haven’t had new business cards in a while — because new ones are too expensive!

  18. Gilbert Melott | Nextvoice247

    Like any ol’ dinosaur, you will find me deeply embedded in layers of upon layers of noise and dirt and muck and mire f the world today – – but when you do find find me – damn, the mases take out those little brushes to carefully discover what’s beneath the surface, interns rush to me to work in the heat of summer for free. And yes, I will end up on the covers of magazines and in traveling exhibitions… with a pocket full of my cards, a quick wink, that knowing nod and point, and the “yeah I think I can help you, just email or text me or catch on my cell or my blog or one of my many social medium… but, hey, hold on to that card, I don’t just give them out to anyone… they’re for the T-Rex warriors…” I’ve been here before, but I’m back for more and feeling better than ever, Dino has a brand new bag and a freshly cut box of cards – – the world is waiting for me.

  19. Roy Blumenthal


    ru a son id

    1. What I’d use the cards and print for:

    Every week I appear on television as a visual facilitator. My role on Kaleidoscope (on CNBC AFRICA) is to make visual interpretations of the stuff our interviewees say.

    Every guest on the show gets a one-third-off voucher from me, in the form of a business card.

    I’m currently printing them ‘as needed’ at the local photo-printing company. Now that the design has been finalised, I’m ready to print. And your contest comes at exactly the right time.

    The 18″ x 24″ print is pretty potent too! One of the things I’m going to be doing is offering my pictures to people as standalone artworks. For me, getting a print from you would be pretty much the start of a possible relationship. If I print in South Africa, shipping costs make it prohibitive for me to send my works to the US. What I’m thinking is that I could possibly outsource my US print orders to you guys. So it would be a case of me getting a handson feel for your print process.

    2. bending over backwards to come up with a creative use for the word ‘dinosaur’

    Phshew. I was trying to come up with a cool way to integrate the phrase, ‘Dinosaur??? R U a son, id?’ (That’s a palindrome –dinosaur forwards then backwards, if you hadn’t worked it out.) Sadly, the phrase is completely meaningless, unless U R a son (and if you’re male, chances are you ARE someone’s son), and you somehow ascribe sense to the word ‘id’.

    So I guess I’d better be more creative than that (creativity is great; but it has to MEAN something).

    How about something to be said in a loud, Scottish accent?

    What the Scottish Paleontologist’s Assistant said after tripping over a petrified prehistoric bird drumstick…
    ‘I DINNA SAW that pteradactyl bone!’

    Blue skies