Uprinting Business Card Competition Winners!


On the 28th February, I ran a competition for you to win one of two prizes courtesy of the great folks at Uprinting.com. There were some great comments, some very weird ones…and some rather bad ones―however, the whole point of the competition was to leave a comment that was creative:

How to Enter to competition:

1. Leave a comment at the end of this article, describing what you would use the free business cards and/or canvas print for.

2. IMPORTANT: To make things more interesting, you must include THIS WORD below in your comment to be eligible to win: Dinosaur

After much deliberation, here are the winners:

Gold > Josh: 1000 Business Cards Winner

Well, obviously I would use them to construct a hat and earmuffs for my dinosaur.. It’s winter you know.

Silver > Elizabeth Cooper: 18×24 canvas print winner

Have you ever wondered why there are old dinosaur bones in museums?

I have, and I decided it’s for the same reason I haven’t had new business cards in a while — because new ones are too expensive!

Shonika, I thought your comment was thoughtful, so although you’re not a winner, here’s a link to your site: Teen Entrepreneur Blog to say thank-you!

I appreciate the longer comments that some of you left, but it was the two comments above that captured the creative concept in a more memorable way. Josh’s comment, in particular, made me smile when I read it.

So, well done Josh and Elizabeth, I will email you both with the details on claiming your prizes.

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2 thoughts on “Uprinting Business Card Competition Winners!”

  1. Roy Blumenthal

    Congrats to Josh and Elizabeth! And thanks for the competition, Andrew! I’m hoping my entry fell into the just-plain-weird category. Hehehheeh!

    Blue skies

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Hi Roy, yes, yours was a bit weird, lol. I liked the “ru a son id” part though, quite imaginative!