TwittBits: 100 Great Links


It’s been a while since my last TwittBits post, so I thought it prudent to keep to series going. This time, I have a list of 100 great links that I either discovered myself or retweeted on Twitter.

I hope you find something useful 🙂


♥ RT @chrisspooner 50 Illustrator Tutorials Every Designer Should See,  Blog.SpoonGraphics

♥ Entertainment Web: Urban Camouflage

♥ How to Make a Screencast for Your Website | Webdesigner Depot

♥ RT @justcreative 94 interviews with 39 designers, developers and bloggers –

♥ RT @KarenMcDade // RT @k4v3rn4 40 of the Most Interesting and Creative Guerrilla and Ambient Advertising Campaigns |

♥ Implementing A Good Redesign: Advices And Examples

♥ RT @robcubbon Free “How to Market Yourself Online” e-book! Download now!

♥ RT 70 Photoshop Tutorials For Creating Perfect Typography | Creative Nerds

♥ Guide to Localizing Your Design Business

♥ 4 People You Should Ask For Website Feedback | Webdesigner Depot

♥ A List Apart: Articles: Contrast is King

♥ RT @ChristianDesign Make History by Downloading History! – Invade The Airwaves campaign for UK Band Delirious?

♥ The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Theme Design | Graphic and Web Design Blog

♥ RT @mashable Our Choice: The Funniest April Fools Jokes

♥ RT @inspiredmag Creative and Elegant Business Cards From February

♥ Excellent Shopping Cart Designs: Showcase and Best Practices | Graphic and Web D..

♥ 44 Free Stylish Graffiti Fonts for Designers | Naldz Graphics

♥ Logo Design: Flowers, Plants and Trees | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration ..

♥ The World’s Most Beautiful Bridges | Webdesigner Depot

♥ How NOT to lock your Bike in New York City (Pic)

♥ Great Man Cave Designs

♥ 10 creative design ideas for your electric plugs

♥ RT @toxel 12 Cool Products for your Kitchen

♥ 10 Most Commonly Used Colors In Web Design And Their Examples | Design Newz

♥ 10 Ways Designers Can Earn More from Projects

♥ 60 Apple Inspired Websites – Why Apple Design Works? | Graphic and Web Design Blog

♥ RT @line25blog Line25 Sites of the Week for March 26th 2010

♥ Infinite USB | Concept Design –

♥ #ChristianDesigns RT Free Poster Download: John 3:16

♥ RT @nettuts 10 Features to Look Forward to in WordPress 3.0

♥ RT @DavidAirey [from the blog] 10 tips to improve your ‘about’ page:

♥ RT @brianyerkes RT @brianyerkes RT @Laughing_Lion: New Photo: Little Church (For St. Patrick’s Day) Nicde Pic

♥ RT @mashable Design Free Digital Business Cards with DooID

♥ How to Be Corporate and Still Be Creative | Webdesigner Depot

♥ RT @1stwebdesigner How To Make Cool Icons For Your Social Media Buttons With Adobe Photoshop | Grap..

♥ RT @chrisspooner Finding your voice in the design community – (Be Genuine, yeah!)

♥ RT @RobCubbon New Post: How to create a web button in depth #photoshop

♥ Good to know: CSS Bugs and Inconsistencies in Firefox 3.x | Webdesigner Depot

♥ Ultimate Roundup of Free User Interface Icons | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Res..

♥ Ultimate Star Wars Room Decor | Interior Designs And Home Ideas

♥ Highspeed Photogaphy: Drops | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

♥ Colour Theory chart:

♥ 5 Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

♥ Save pens. Use Garamond font: (too much time on their hands)

♥ RT @dot_design RT @imascientist: Junk food manufacturers are like the new tobacco companies designed to make us overeat

♥ Great use of Typography in Advertising – 150+ Examples-unstage

♥ Design Around the World: Metro Maps | Webdesigner Depot

♥ Anti theft lunch bags. Great concept:

♥ I May try this for letters to clients: DIY Wooden Wax Seal:

♥ 25 Awesome Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer | Graphic and Web Design Blog ..

♥ WordPress vs. ExpressionEngine: Apples and Oranges? | Webdesigner Depot

♥ RT @Creative_Fan 30 Outstandingly Creative Poster Designs

♥ Inspirational 50 Twitter Backgrounds Showcase | Graphic and Web Design Blo…

♥ Okay, One more link. Check this out: The Glennz Tee store. Best.Tees.Ever. Follow: @glennztees

♥ Brilliant!! 30 Hilarious Print Advertisements | Spyre Studios

♥ Colorburned | More Stunning Smoke: 30 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

♥ Why As a freelancer you should use twitter | Creative Nerds

♥ 20 Questions To Ask Clients Prior To Designing A Logo

♥ 50 great snowboard designs | TheLanceLife

♥ 1000+ Best Free Twitter Icons

♥ 40 Superb T Shirt Designs Which Will Make You Look Twice | Graphic and Web Desig..

♥ Why Designers Shouldn’t Settle | Webdesigner Depot

♥ 30 Powerful WordPress Plugins For Blog Administrators | Graphic and Web Design B..

♥ “How to Kill the Design Community”| Webdesigner Depot

♥ Great Backgrounds: Blurry Lights of NYC

♥ Texture Thursday: Glass 2 « PSDFan

♥ 20 Unique and Creative Logo Designs

♥ Make Watercolor and Marker Style Portraits with Illustrator

♥ Outlaw Design Blog » Useful Ways Creatives Can Use Digital Cameras

♥ RT @LogoDesignLove Landor’s identity for 7×7 *Interesting “retro” poster design concept

♥ RT @styletime RT @justcreative 102 Respected Designers You Should Follow On Twitter

♥ 50 Useful Cartoon Character Design Tutorials

♥ The Wackiest and Most Creative iPhone Cases | Webdesigner Depot

♥ Showcase of Great Web App Interfaces | Webdesigner Depot

♥ RT @abdussalam123 30+ Handy Blank Templates for Designers

♥ 16 Interesting WordPress Plugins to maximize Traffic and Followers from Social Net..

♥ Interesting logo concept from David Pache: WineVision ~

♥ A Guide to Creating Professional Quality Logo Designs

♥ 55 Examples of Huge Typography in Web Design | Inspiration

♥ Comics of the Week #13 | Webdesigner Depot

♥ Collection Of 40 Best Carefully Hand Picked Retro Designs | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources…

♥ RT @GadgetLab Swarm of Micro-Helicopters Could Create a Giant 3-D Display

♥ The Many Faces of Nazaury Delgado | Webdesigner Depot

♥ 44 Awesome Business Card Designs that Will Inspire You

♥ 20 Breathtaking & Eye Catching Design Wallpapers

♥ RT @BLblog Living in a Shell – Nautilus House

♥ 80 Awesome Fresh Post for Designers and Developers|tripwire magazine

♥ 50 Excellent WordPress Themes For Starting an Online Magazine

♥ Smashing Slab Serif Typography « CreativityDen

♥ RT @toxel » Modern Beds and Creative Bed Designs

♥ Blast from the Past: Vintage Technologies That We No Longer Use | Webdesigner Depot

♥ 35 Latest High-Quality Free Fonts for Professional Designers

♥ A chat with Chris Spooner | TheLanceLife

♥ Bizarre & Stylish Steampunk Creations

♥ RT @FreelanceFolder Open Thread: Do You Take All the Work You Are Offered?

♥ 70 Business Card Designs |

♥ Mega Collection of The Best Free Social Media Icons for Designers

♥ RT @Designrfix 40 Useful Photoshop Tutorials on Photo Manipulation |

♥ RT @fudgegraphics Free High Resolution Plain and Grunge Paper Textures

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