Three Great Logos I saw on the Motorway

Recently, I traveled down south for a BBQ celebrating my Aunties 50th Birthday. For once this Summer, it was actually quite sunny and didn’t rain here in England!

Here’s me (er, the one sat down, pointed out)…

…and here’s my beer (in a Guinness Glass, yeah)…

Now that’s out of the way, I’ll talk about some logo design…

Logos on the Motorway

Whilst traveling on the M1 Motorway (highway) down the Chester, I was being overwhelmed with the amount of logo designs printed on billboards, cars, lorries and buildings on the side of the road. It was then I remembered a few blog posts I read, where designers listed all kinds of that they viewed varied logo designs in a day.

With this in mind, I singled out three logo designs I saw when traveling, each pertaining to a differnet reason why it is a great logo design, so here goes…

Travelodge Logo

When you’re cruising down any motorway in the UK, you’ll see plenty of these Travelodge Hotels tucked away amongst the Wimpy’s and McDonalds that feed our motorists with their daily dose of burgers. When road-rage is setting in because someone just cut-in on you — or all you want to do is sleep, this logo is perfectly targeted at you, the driver.

This design cleverly shows calming blues with abstract ‘hills’ imagery depicting someone asleep with a pillow, but set against a red background. I’m sure that red was used to convey a subliminal message along the lines of ‘flee the brake-lights’, or similar notion.

GreenCycle Logo

This logo design is nothing spectacular in itself, it’s more the whole concept behind it that makes it special. I clocked eyes on a white van with the GreenCycle Logo printed onto one of the doors. At first, it confused me a little, as I saw the word ‘Gen’ in the lighter green. Although just after I read the logo this way, I realised that it was actually the word ‘ReCycle’ spelt out in the darker green.

Because of this, I knew exactly what the company did. So, although this logo won’t win prizes, it still impressed me. Yeah, it also confused me a little — but it stuck in my mind. Isn’t this what logo design is all about?

DPD Logo

Now, quite the polar-opposite when it comes to instant recognition, this logo design for DPD gave me all the information about the companies services in a split second.

In the bat of an eye-lid — and even though I’d never seen this design before, I knew two facts about this company straight away.

1. It was a delivery service

2. It was a national delivery service, as the red arrows point in all directions. (This was reinforced by the fact that the vehicle was large and traveling on a main motorway).

For a logo to deliver (mind the pun) this information to the viewers eye in an instant is a credit to the company. The logo isn’t outstanding (it’s unbalanced for a start), but it communicates the viewer — the basis of Graphic Design. What do you think of these designs? I’d like to hear your opinion…

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19 thoughts on “Three Great Logos I saw on the Motorway”

  1. Sander

    Hi Andrew, great explanation of the logos you saw at the motorway. I especially like TravelLogde. Thank you for mentioning my website, appreciated.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    No problem Sander.

    The Travelodge is a great logo, I do believe this is a re-design also. I bet it’s done wonders for their business!

    Thanks for stopping by…

  3. Phil

    Interesting take on logo recognition on motorways. Most people do not realize how they are influenced. Like big poles having the Golden M of McDonald’s on top and leading people to take the next exit, because they felt hungry “anyway.”

    Great site you have.

    Phils last blog post..My Daily Superhero Routine

  4. Aaron Russell

    Hey Andrew, thanks for linking through to me 🙂

    A nice addition to the collection of logos that this little meme has brought. I’ll be off down the motorway tomorrow on my way to Gatwick, so I’ll be looking out for logos too (as well as cars and other driving-related hazards).

    Aaron Russells last blog post..How to check whether an element exists using jQuery

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    @ Phil
    I agree with you there, anyone who drives down the motorway will diffinatey be influenced by the vast array of logo Designs out there We as designers, though, are both influenced, but intriqued by the designs. I can’t help analizing every logoI see.

    Thanks for the compliment about my site.

    @Aaron Russell
    Thanks. Hope all goes well on your journey, and keep your eyes on the road rather that the designs out there 😉

  6. inspirationbit

    Thanks for the link love, Andrew. It’s nice to see a different take on logos that we come across in our daily lives.

    Looks like you had a great BBQ there 🙂 really like the yard: the brick walls and the slate… looks very cosy 😉

  7. Richard, Peacock Carter

    I’ve seen the DPD logo quite a few times too, and I love the bold lines and sharp corners; shame, as you say, that it’s unbalanced.

    Isn’t it sacrilege to drink something that isn’t Guinness from a Guinness glass?! 😛

  8. Andrew Kelsall

    No problem Vivien, I’m always finding interesting blogs out there just from interesting-looking links, so I like to do the same.

    And yeah, it was a really nice yard, house, motor-home in the drive and outdoor Plasma TV…pitty it wasn’t my own home though 😉

    @ Richard
    The DPD logo just needs taking a stage further, or a slight redesign, then it would be perfect.

    Lol, my Irish friend Martin is going to hunt me down for that one! BTW, congrats on the David Airey post mention…

  9. Printoutlet

    Andrew, thank you for your blog post on logos. Logo has to deliver a message of what the company is all about. I liked the DPD logo, it really sends strong message across – logistics.

  10. Andrew Kelsall

    “Printoutlet”, thanks for the comment.

  11. David Airey

    Hi again, Andrew.

    Had to make a comment about the Travel Lodge logo. I don’t feel the graduations are doing it any favours, and would like to see how it works as flat art (e.g. for use on uniforms).

    Nice to get a little insight into your personal life, with the first two photos (I realise this is an old post, and I’m sure I caught it before, so not sure why I didn’t comment back then).

  12. Andrew Kelsall

    No worries David. I can see where you’re coming from regarding the Travelodge Logo, but I feel it would still ‘work’ in B+W. However, that said, the whole mood of the logos’ icon may be lost. The jury is out…

  13. Mike Dodgson

    Brilliant post – I love the TravelLodge one too… you know if you broke that logo down into little pieces, you’d pretty much be able to know what it was with any of those little bits. That’s brilliant branding!

  14. Ishita

    HI Andrew

    Your Blog is awesome. I really like to see your blog along with logos. Your logos express your creativity. Best of luck…..

  15. Gemma

    I’m familiar with the Travelodge logo because there’s one near my house. I don’t like the logo much purely because it seems a bit amateurish to me, but that’s the critic in me talking. I did wonder if it would work in black and white.

    I love the Greencycle logo because it’s so simple and the typography is perfect for the purpose. It tells me that it’s modern, and the colours used fit the purpose really well too. Of course, it’s a bit obvious because green is often used in “eco” stuff like posters, logos, etc. I love the cleverness of it too. It didn’t confuse me at all.

    The last logo, I didn’t “get” it until I read what you posted about it. I did suspect after a few seconds of looking at it that it was probably something to do with delivery but the meaning was lost on me until you said what it was about.

  16. Andrew Kelsall

    @Mike → Hmmm, that’s a good point!

    @Ishita → Thanks 🙂

    @Gemma → Thanks for your detailed opinions of the logo designs. Ever since writing this post, I see the DVP delivery vans everywhere, lol

  17. Marlon Nicholls

    Interesting read regarding the logos Andrew, having just had a long journey on the M25 one billboard stood out for all the wrong reasons, a dating service called “Sugardaddy”. Probably don’t have to elaborate further than that.