The Giving Tree

giving tree sticky notepad image

These really unique sticky note pad concept named ‘The Giving Tree’ was created by designer, Chang-bong heo. I love the way that all the rings on the tree-trunk plain are visible and authentic-looking….

giving tree sticky notepad with hand

I spotted these over on his Dribbble profile, but you can see them on his site, too. Take a look at the images of the sticky notes on the iMac and macbook. I do this too, but with boring square ones! But ‘Wood’ you buy these? Sorry, couldn’t resist…

wooden sticky notes

Writing on sticky log

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Sticky note on book

Bird on writing log

Wooden rings on sticky pad, stuck to Mac

Credits: All the images shown in this set are Copyright © Chang-bong heo. Please head over to his website to order these and see other works (Not affiliate links).

Sticky note on iMac Screen base

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