Review: 32″ BenQ PD3200U Compared to a 27″ iMac Screen?

Recently, I was contacted by the great folks over at BenQ, a Taiwanese electronics company that makes, amongst other things, large high-definition displays. They kindly sent me their PDU3200U for review.

BenQ PD3200U

Unboxing the 32″ Display

The unit arrived safely and well-packaged. Being 32″, the box was large yet no larger than it needed to be. In comparison, the box for my 27″ iMac wasn’t too different in overall size.

How to Achieve Colour Consistency (and Why it Matters)

Do you want to achieve a solid colour consistency? Why does it matter? In this post, I include an email conversation with another designer named Mark, who asked my advice of some colour issues. I’m not an absolute authority on the issue, but I’ve tried to answer his questions as I know best. Feel free to contribute your expertise at the end of the post…

achieve a solid colour consistency image header

The Print Handbook: Preparing your Pixels for Print

Back in July last year, I reviewed the Print Handbook for designers by Andy Brown at Media Collective. Andy has now kindly sent me his new book which has just been released. The Print Handbook: Preparing your Pixels for Print is a wonderful little 2nd edition of the first release. Below, I have taken a few photos showcasing some highlights from the book:

The colour process