Is it Hard Being a Christian Graphic Designer?

Christian Graphic Designer image

I was emailed by another Christian Graphic Designer, like myself. I’ll keep his name anonymous for privacy reasons, but this post shows a large part of the email he sent to me. Below, I’ve attempted to answer his questions about regarding his concerns of Christians in the design field. I’m showing this so that other designers can benefit from further discussions that may pursue. Here goes:

The Email and my Reply…

Email: Hello, I am also a Christian graphic designer/ illustrator. I’ve been freelancing for my church- making flyers, a tract, logo designs for their youth and young adult ministries. Although, I am grateful for the opportunities they have given me. However, I’ve been finding it very difficult to find paying graphic design jobs. I’m a recent graduate, but it seems that I’m getting nowhere with my chosen career. I too had made the decision to put God first in my career, even made my logo to symbolize that Jesus comes first.