Review: 32″ BenQ PD3200U Compared to a 27″ iMac Screen?

Recently, I was contacted by the great folks over at BenQ, a Taiwanese electronics company that makes, amongst other things, large high-definition displays. They kindly sent me their PDU3200U for review.

BenQ PD3200U

Unboxing the 32″ Display

The unit arrived safely and well-packaged. Being 32″, the box was large yet no larger than it needed to be. In comparison, the box for my 27″ iMac wasn’t too different in overall size.

New Andrew Kelsall Site Design

To be honest, I was never truly impressed by my previous website design. I purchased a Wordpress template, modified it rather quickly, and thought ‘it will do for now’.

Anyway, now that I’m planning to actually start posting articles here on Andrew Kelsall Design again, I thought I’d give it a makeover…

New Andrew Kelsall Design Screenshot:

New 2016 Andrew Kelsall site design

Andrew Kelsall & The Fan

Thanks everyone for subscribing over the years. I’ve now moved over to Mail Chimp to resume with the occasional Email Update. I’m working on lots of cool projects, so please stay tuned.

To prove I’m ‘still alive’ – here’s a selfie I just took showing a massive fan I fitted to my ceiling. Why? No idea. It’s so powerful, I cant use it as it blows paper everywhere.

Oh, if you want to unsubscribe, please use the link at the base of the emails – thanks again…

Andrew Kelsall in tiny office image

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How to Fix a Broken iMac, with Andrew Kelsall!

Yes, its been a while since my last posting here on Andrew Kelsall Design. Whilst working on many projects (I’ll update my portfolio soon), my hard drive started to fail on my iMac. Nooooo! Here’s a a really dodgy photo of me fixing the little blighter…

Andrew Kelsall and the Broken iMac

Andrew Kelsall, Designer from Hemsworth

A few months ago, the internal hard drive made high-pitched noises and clicking sounds. I made sure my time machine backup was in order then formatted the internal drive and started over. It worked …for just a while. Then, one day, it just failed on me.

My Recent Logo Design for Onomen Clothing

Onomen Christian Clothing

The image above shows my recent logo design for Onomen Clothing, a Christian-based company based in the UK. It was a great project to work on, and many different options were explored throughout the design process. Unfortunately, this logo was never implemented due to the company changing its brand name and direction before launch.