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Update for 2016 – the submit link function is now closed for the time being.

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I have now setup a Design News page here on the Andrew Kelsall Design Blog. You can submit your quality design-related links via the Submit News page.

Why am I doing this?

Well, for three main four reasons:

1. It benefits my readers. When people who read my blog also submit their own posts (those who blog, that is), it helps build a design community.

2. It benefits those who submit their posts. Obviously, it can benefit their sites via page-views and backlinks.

3. It benefits my site. Articles are listed on the main page, with sub-pages also linking to users’ articles. This should be good for SEO.

UPDATE: 4. Newsletter signup. I’ve just added the facility to tick a box if the user wants to receive my upcoming newsletter in the future (when I get around to writing one, that is).

I’ve noticed the popularity of blogs and online magazines that list design links over the past year, so I’ll give it a shot here and see how it goes!

The submit buttons are located in the left sidebar and header link-bar. The actual news page can be accessed in the left sidebar, too…



16 thoughts on “Submit Your Design News”

  1. Andrew Keir

    Interesting Andrew…

    FYI, the Cform on the submission page is titled “My Fieldset”.

    I see your blog layouts had an overhaul recently too, adding the archives menu to your sidebar. I’ve recently done the complete opposite on my blog in order to keep navigation above the fold when visiting the site. Why the change?

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @Andrew → Oh yeah, didn’t notice for some reason. I’ve now changed it to “Submit Design News”. Thanks for letting me know.

    I’m just experimenting here and there; I may change it again soon. I had a custom archives pages using the WP Plugin Snazzy Archives, but it took ages to load the Javascript on mu site, so I abandoned the idea and put the archives on the front page instead.

    That said, all important navigation links are still above the fold. I will see what effect id has on the bounce rate and re-evaluate if need be…

  3. elemetn321


    This a great idea. I am starting to see a lot of sites setting this up as well. I am about to add one to my site as soon as I can set some time a side to work on my site.

  4. yadi rosadi

    Very Interesting Andrew

  5. Jo

    Hi Andrew,
    I just wanted to say, thanks for submitting your link to my site. It has given me the opportunity to visit yours, and I must say that I like it!

    I like the personal touch that you have given to your content. It’s nice to see what the designer looks like and to also get a ‘feel’ of what he or she is like. Good work too!

  6. marko

    good thanks, surfing the net, I came across this excellent site, very good content .. We will visit you regularly

  7. Andrew Kelsall

    elemetn321 → Hope it works out well for you…

    yadi rosadi → Thanks.

    Jo → No worries. A personal touch is always a good thing in blogging 🙂

  8. Andrew Kelsall

    Marko → I hope you find my articles useful.