Stunning Digital Art by Mladen Penev

mladen penev digital art

This kind of digital art is admirable. Here are some works by CGI artist and photographer Mladen Penev, who was born in Sofia, Bulgaria:

mladen penev 2

digital art 3

mladen penev  4

mladen penev 5
This is not my work. All 5 images designed and © copyright Mladen Penev

I really like the scope and variety of much of his work. My favourite featured here is the second image of the lit-up gazzele. It’s this style of conceptual thinking that I try to experiment with in my Designer Notebook, although my designs so far are more text-based.

You can see more of Mladen’s designs (more than 100 digital artworks) over on his site:

2 thoughts on “Stunning Digital Art by Mladen Penev”

  1. Rob Cubbon

    I’ve just had a look at his site. Incredibly talented guy.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Rob → Yeah! Oh, I made a typo, just adjusted. The first line should have been “This kind of digital art is admirable.” Not ‘This king’, lol.