Sketched Starbucks Cups by Johanna Basford

Starbucks Cup

I really like these Starbucks Cups that have been used as blank canvases. Designer Johanna Basford has done a stunning job creating interesting paper art designs and patterns on these paper cups. Johanna explains:

It’s no secret that I have a rather large soft spot for those clever coffee brewers at Starbucks […] What I’d really like though, is the chance to get my hands on the infamous Red Starbucks Christmas Cup! Imagine sipping your Gingerbread Latte from a festive cup, adorned in intricate tangles of holly and mistletoe, peppered with illusive robins, stuffed stockings and beautifully wrapped parcels?! A crisp print in white, against the signature Rudolph Red cup – even Mr Claus would be lining up for a quick Mocha before the night shift! [read more]

The designs on these Starbucks cups remind me a little of what I sketched in my moleskine. On a rare to trip to Starbucks, I may try this myself. I’ll try and make sure I have a black pen at the ready.

More Sketched Starbuck Cups

Starbucks Cup 2

Starbucks Cup

Starbucks Cup

Starbucks Cup

Credits: All images are copyright © Johanna Basford. Please visit the related article on for more images and information.

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10 thoughts on “Sketched Starbucks Cups by Johanna Basford”

  1. Jason Vana

    I have to admit, Starbucks is pretty creative with everything they do. Really digging these designs.

  2. Paul Murray

    Things like this are a real knock for my confidence when it comes to my artistic abilities. They look fantastic but they have the old Starbucks logo on them. I wonder if she redid them on new cups?

  3. Andrew Kelsall

    Jason → Yeah, I too like the style of Starbucks; I like the art they often have in their larger outlets.

    Paul → Oh yes the new logo without the typography. It will probably grow on us all eventually.

    Thanks for your comments…

  4. Ray Vellest

    Johanna’s work is quite impressive, great finding Andrew! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Mice Aliling

    i’m not a fan of starbucks, but i love all their design executions

  6. Lars Skou

    I find it amazing how relatively little credit goes to the original artist who actually made these little pieces of art. To be honest I think that the whole idea of taking her pictures and posting them on your own page is rather repulsive. I wonder how it came to pass that YOUR page was promoted by and not the page of the artist directly.

  7. Andrew Kelsall

    Recently, I had one person who’s work I featured go out of his way to thanks me for featuring his work. On another blog I follow, an artist got a client on seeing their work featured on another blog.

    Your argument is not with me; with is how the whole blogging industry works. I gave credit for the works, and as a result, Johanna will receive a fair amount of traffic from this post. The more popular it gets, the more her work is promoted. I, like most other bloggers, use the ‘fair use copyright’ policy for using others peoples’ work as long as credit is given.

    Your argument is for the many blogs out there who claim other peoples’ work as their own, and give no credit like most quality design blogs do.

    Personally, I’d love it if other bloggers featured my work as long as a link back and © is attributed.

  8. Scott Cramer

    Andrew, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed seeing Johanna’s work. Guy Kawasaki posted a link to your post over on Google+ and that is where I originally saw it.

  9. Andrew Kelsall

    Oh right, cheers Scott. Thanks for stopping by my humble blog…

  10. Bev

    I just love these!! Thanks for sharing – my daughter is a big Starbucks fan!!