Royalty Free Stock Photo of Long, Tall and Dry Grass

This image is a Royalty Free Stock Photos of Long, Tall and Dry Grass in the Snow, taken whilst I was walking my dog in Hemsworth, West Yorkshire, England.(12.2 MegaPixel Photos – 4000px x 3000px and under 6MB in file size each).

Long Tall and Dry Grass Image

These are free for personnel and commercial use, but please link back to this site if you use the image online.

To download a full-resolution image, just click it and will then either load into a new tab or window. These images are Not for resale or redistribution on any other site. You are also not allowed to hotlink, redistribute or make any direct profit out of these photos, but beyond this, please feel free to use them in any project you wish to (if you use them and make a profit because you they are used within a web template or poster design, for example, this is okay). Please Contact Me if you see these images for download anywhere else.

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