Am I really Quitting? No…April Fools!

Image April Fools text on image

In my last post, I told how I’d won millions of pounds and was going to quit blogging and travel the world!

While it would be good to travel the globe, unfortunately, I don’t have rich relatives (that I know of) who have made me a millionaire.

Thanks to everyone who left messages on twitter about my post. Most of you knew it was an April Fools joke, hehe.

For a round up of the best April Fools jokes this year, Mashable have a great article showcasing the best ones.

BTW, if anyone does have a few million pound to spare, please give freely 😉

4 thoughts on “Am I really Quitting? No…April Fools!”

  1. Nick Pilling

    I aint going to got me with that one Andrew! I was thinking you lucky ***** ! But technically you did post it after 12pm on 1st April! Glad your carrying on posting…they are always interesting an fascinating!!

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @Nick → Haha, yeah you’re, I was after 12, although since it was going worldwide, I overlooked it 😉

    …and thanks, I’m glad my posts are interesting for you…

  3. Andrew Keir

    I’ve going to have to do a post on how oblivious I am when it comes to dates.

    The first half dozen things I read on April first I was like:

    Me: Apple changed there typeface to Verdana?
    Girlfriend: It’s April fools.
    Me: Oh…

    Me: My mate Andrew Kelsall inherited a million pounds and quit.
    Girlfriend: It’s April fools…
    Me: Oh…

    Me: Did you see the desi-
    Girlfriend: ITS APRIL FOOLS!
    Me: Oh…
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