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Before you contact me for a project quote request, I recommend that you review this questions and answers page.

How much do you charge?

I offer no set cost for a design project, as each can be vastly different. I provide quotations based upon how long the project will take to complete. A simple flyer, for example, will cost far less than a 16-page brochure. I don’t normally provide estimates, but solid figures which you’ll be able to budget for.

To get an idea of the budget ranges which can be chosen when requesting a quotation, please take a look my online forms here:

General Quote Request form

Logo Design Quote Request

CD Sleeve Quote Request

If I receive another quotation which is less than yours, would  you consider re-quoting to beat its price?

No. As an independent designer, I’m not in a competition for design projects as I have my own design style, like many freelancers do. Please see my portfolio to see the kind of work I produce and see these case studies which show how I work: Edit Websites, GEDT Branding, BlueDrift Logo, Reeds CD, Dominic Finley CD.

I produce design work that is high quality and professional. As a Bachelor Degree holder (BA Hons Graphic Design), I won’t undervalue my work. The quotations I provide are fair and should not be compared to other quotes, as other designers won’t produce the same style of work as myself.

Are you VAT Registered?

Yes. VAT (valued added tax) is added to quotations for all EU residents. Clients from outside the EU (for example, USA, Canada and Australia) are quoted VAT at 0%—instead of the variable rates of European Countries, which roughly range from 5% to 25%. My VAT number will appear on quotations and invoices.

Can you start on my project straight away?

Maybe. It all depends on how much work I have on at the moment. If a project time frame is urgent, then I may be able to start sooner, but a rush-fee (charge) will be added to the quote. If I’m fully booked, say, for 2 weeks, I will provide you with a start date.

How long will it take to complete a project for me?

This depends on many factors, including the size of the project and the amount of other projects I am working on. However, the general time scale is between 2 weeks to 2 months.

How does the design process work?

Normally, I will provide some PDF proofs and email them to you. When you have reviewed your designs, I will amend them and re-proof you updated designs until we are all satisfied with the outcome.

Which File Formats do you supply?

I supply pretty much any filetype that is required. Normally, I supply print-ready PDFs for Print works, Layered PSDs for web templates, GIFs, JPEGs and PNGs for web design. AI and EPS files can also be supplied upon request.

I see you live in England, but I live 1000’s of miles away. Will I still be able to hire you?

Absolutely! I work with clients locally, but also from countries as far away as Australia and the USA. Modern technology makes it possible for us to collaborate on a project. As long as you have access to email, the project should run smoothly, although we can also use phone and skype, too.

Which Payment methods do you accept?

I can accept payments in a variety of, including PayPal/Credit Card, Cheques (USA: Checks) and Bank Transfer/BACS.

Will you display my project in your portfolio?

I may do if I feel it fits in with the rest of my material, and you can object to it being featured, too.

Will you write an article about my project on your blog?

I may do, but it isn’t guaranteed. Being featured in a case study should be very beneficial for your company and organisation, but I will never disclose private data.

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