The Questionable Question Mark?

Questionable Question Mark

Okay okay, this is a really quick post for an irritating problem on my iMac. Every single toolbar has a question mark where I presume some sort of program shortcut should be.

I can’t seem to delete it and can’t find the solution to this “problem”. Yes, it’s really just an annoyance, but it’s 1am and I thought I’d just ask the following question to all Mac users before I hit the sack:

How do I get rid of the question mark? (Answers and suggestions appreciated!)

7 thoughts on “The Questionable Question Mark?”

  1. Brad

    Let me know if that works out for you – looking for a graphic mentor. Would it be ok to contact you every once in a while with graphic related questions?

  2. Pablo Lara H

    Hi Andrew.
    The answer:
    At some point put an alias to a file/folder there (click and drag on a file or folder up to the toolbar of a window and let go of it will put a shortcut to that file or folder in all finder windows). If you delete that file/folder the system can no longer find it and will replace the icon in the toolbar with a ?
    To get rid of the ? just right click (control click) on the icon and select “Remove Item” from the drop down menu. You can remove it using the View menu’s “Customize Toolbar…”, just drag it out of the toolbar and it will disappear with a poof.
    Found here:

  3. Gerard

    Simply drag it off while holding ALT or CMD.. 😉 It,s a kinda shortcut pointing to something that’s gone.

  4. Laura S.

    Just figured this out (it was annoying me too for months and you got me to really look at it) … if you hit ‘control’ and click the question mark, you get an option to switch to ‘icon and text’ (or ‘text only’) — so at least you can see what it’s referring to. You also then have the option to ‘Remove’ it altogether … How and why it ended up there in the first place is a mystery.

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    Brad, CarreonMedia, fjpoblam, Pablo Lara H, Gerard & Laura S → Thanks to all of you for your solutions to this. I had searched Google a few times before, but came up with nothing. I must have been searching with the wrong keywords!

    Now, the question mark is finally gone. I appreciate all the help here, by email and on Twitter, too.

    Brad → Yeah sure 🙂