Process: Poster and Leaflet Designs for St. Peter’s Church

lifesaver st peters church Christian logo design

Lifesaver was a Christian-based event that was held at St. Peter’s Church in Cauldwell, UK. What was Lifesaver? Their printed copy text explained:

It is a week of events from 28 March to 3 April organised by St Peter’s Church. Most events will have a short talk about why Jesus came.  We hope to see you there!

Elwyn of St Peter’s required a leaflet (pamphlet) and poster campaign that would carry their message over the course of 3 weeks. After excepting my quotation, I was hired to design a logo and leaflet design first to kick off the campaign. The logo is included in the above image.

Leaflet Design

I designed a roll-fold A4 full colour glossy leaflet. See a handful of the 2500 final printed versions below:

church leaflet design for A4 rollfold

The next 2 images show the entire double-sided roll-fold design when unfolded. Outer image on right:

leaflet rollfold design for church

Inner panels

leaflet rollfold design

Here is a closeup of the printed logo, which I designed in Adobe Illustrator in vector format:

church logo on leaflet design

I used two popular and proven fonts within the design, Trajan Pro and Myriad Pro (in varied weights):

Christian leaflet copytext design

I also designed a custom map for the leaflet, which appeared on the very back page when folded:

pamphlet vector custom map design

Poster Sketches

The large-format posters were to be a series which revealed what the event was in 3 stages. It turned out that the A0 posters were required in landscape orientation, as they were to be placed in a pre-fitted board outside the Church.

I sketched a couple of “reveal” ideas in my Moleskine sketchbook. This was the concept I expanded upon and used:

moleskine sketching poster designs

This was a similar concept:

moleskine poster design concepts

I experimented with the graphic styling of the design, too:

closeup moleskine sketch

I decided to use vector shapes combined with stark imagery of rough seas:

black ballpoint pen sketching

Ao Large-format Landscape Poster Designs

Here are the final Ao poster designs in order [1]:

church landscape poster design A0


church event poster design A0


st peters church poster design A0

A3 and A4 Poster Design

The smaller A3 and A4 poster designs (that were displayed internally) showed just the final version of the design, but in portrait orientation:

church event poster design A4

Much Creative Fun, but for Real Purpose

I must say, this project was wonderful to work on. I had pretty much free reign to get my creative juices flowing. I produced something original and unique—and I feel like the whole campaign will have had a great impact on the community.

As a Christian, the project was more to me than just part of earning a living. I desired to create something was instrumental in spreading the Christian message to the people of Cauldwell.

Here’s a thank you to Elwyn for great feedback, too.

9 thoughts on “Process: Poster and Leaflet Designs for St. Peter’s Church”

  1. Carmia Cronjé

    Hello Andrew. I love the designs! I am curious though – in your sketches, why do you spell Jesus as Jeses?

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Carmia → You know what? I don’t know. I know how to spell Jesus, but for some reason I’ve misspelt the name on my sketches – although they are just that – sketches.

    Fortunately, I spelt the Name of Jesus correct on the leaflet 😉

    You have an eagle eye!

  3. David Airey

    An eagle-eye indeed, Carmia.

    Andrew, I never tire of seeing sketches in designers’ processes. Nicely done.

  4. Denise

    Hi Andrew
    I just found your portfolio and already I am in awe! I wanna be a Christian designer one day too but I’m not very good (well I think God got the Christian part sorted). (Any advice? haha) anyway you’re really talented and the designs are amazing! p.s. u spelt ‘coming’ wrongly too on the sketch!

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    Denise → Ahhhh, you know what? I was tired the day I sketched, yeah, right. I’m out of excuses 😉

    Pity there’s no inbuilt spell-check on paper!

    My only advise to to just prey about it. I believe God gave us all gifts; just ask Him to open doors for you in the name of Jesus! I’ll pray for you 🙂

    Oh, if you think you’re not that good, look at me, can’t even spell. Practice, read blogs and give it time, too…

  6. Steve

    Great to see your sketches Andrew!

    I’ve been a graphic designer for 20 years and have love doing design work for my church. Check out a recent project we just did which I art directed – we got an American company to do the coding

    I’d love to connect with you offline to if you are up for an interview on my blog if you are interested

  7. Andrew Kelsall

    Steve → The GetBaptised site is really good. It’s great to see other Christian designers using their skills for Jesus and the Gospel.

    I’m not up for an interview right now, but ask me in 2012 if you want; thanks for the offer. Keep up the good work.