Poster Designs for the Bob Cheevers Tour

Poster Design for Dominc Finley Image

Just a quick post about a poster design I recently produced for the Bob Cheevers tour, which also featured Dominic Finley and Lizzie Nunnery. My last post was about the CD Sleeve I designed for Dominic—and this poster was done straight after to announce that he was touring with the other two musicians.

Poster design Lizzie Nunnery Image

◥ These PDF Proofs show two versions of the poster design, which announce varied dates and venues.

Poster Designer Bob Cheevers Image

◥ The posters were supplied in three [European] sizes (A3, A4 and A5)—and also in black & white. Notice that the B+W one isn’t just a direct copy of the coloured one converted to greyscale. I individually lightened the text shades so the whole thing looked sharp and legible.

Any thoughts? I’d love to read them 🙂

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