Church of the 1stBorn Logo Design

Church of the Firstborn Logo Design image

The Christian logo design shown above was designed by myself (Andrew Kelsall – the author of Truth by Design and this site) on a pro-bono basis for the Church of the 1stBorn, which is an online-only church. It is run by Pastor Patrick Winfrey, who gave up a lot to move over to the Philippines to build and run orphanages.

To find out more about ‘Pastor Patrick’ (who I also consider to be my ‘online pastor’ (apart from the pastor of my local church here in the UK), please check out the YouTube Channel for Church of the 1st Born – where he preaches and gives prophecies. You can also check out the Church of the 1stBorn website, too.

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Skills: Logo Design
Client: Rev. Patrick Winfrey: Church of the 1stBorn