Plastic Fantastic: Lego Ads

Posted on September 5th, by Andrew Kelsall in Advertising. 3 comments

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Lego Words Puzzle Spaceship

These crossword-styled Lego ads are great, aren’t they? I’ve always loved Lego…er sorry “my kids do”—and I think this simple set of ads sums up perfectly what the fantastic plastic blocks are all about:

Crosswords Lego Ad 2

Crosswords Lego Ad 3

Ads Credits and copyrights © : Advertising Agency: TBWA, Costa Rica / Creative Director: Byron Balmaceda / Art Director: Gabriela Soto / Copywriter: Byron Balmaceda / Illustrator: Gabriela Soto. Via: & / * Lego® is a registered trademark.

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3 Responses to “Plastic Fantastic: Lego Ads”

  1. Jason Vana says:

    I’ve never seen these before, but I think they are pretty sweet!

  2. adrenaline says:

    Awesome. I love Lego.

  3. Jason & Adrenaline → Thanks for commenting…

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