Outrage as Facebook change Logo to from Blue to Red

**UPDATE, 2nd APRIL** Obviously, this was a April Fools Joke. Thanks to all who commented via Twitter, Facebook and the comments section below 🙂

new red facebook logo image

Like some of you who may have just heard, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team have just announced their intentions to change the colour of the Facebook logo from blue to red.

Obviously, this isn’t a change that most of their users are happy with, and as caused quite a bit of outrage since they announced it just 2 hours ago.

In my opinion, red would be a bad choice. If they change the logo, they’re going to have to change the entire Facebook page colour scheme, too. Being surrounding by red is going to make users nauseous – not to mention stressed out!

Yep, getting rid of the iconic, calming blue is a big mistake, although Mark Zuckerberg’s explanation of the change is quite intriguing.

For more information on the Facebook press release on this, read this article.

**UPDATE, 2nd APRIL** Obviously, this was a April Fools Joke. Thanks to all who commented via Twitter, Facebook and the comments section below 🙂



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8 thoughts on “Outrage as Facebook change Logo to from Blue to Red”

  1. Giselle

    How funny.

    Didn’t buy it for a second. :l

  2. martin

    hahah felt for that
    at 3am on Argentina!

    thanks tough!

  3. Gareth Coxon

    WOW! Unbelievable that they would do this Andrew! 😉

  4. qamar

    now breaking news is face book turn the color of logo as per your face on your facebook account

    this is really surprise job i like

  5. Andy

    1st of April have nothing to do with it?

  6. Canha

    Guys, seriously? 1st of April? C’mon! Nothing that happens today can be taken seriously!

  7. Andrew Kelsall

    Thanks everyone for taking part 🙂

  8. jorge vega

    I think it’s not a real big deal, since someone in marketing business, said onebtime: just paint it like cocacola and will be succesful.