Have you watched the new iMac Video?


Okay, I use Macs, but I don’t normally write articles about them. However, in this case I’ll make an exception—as the new 27″ iMac was launched a few days ago.

My first Mac was a G4 Quicksilver with a 23″ LCD display and then a G4 Cube. Afterwards, I invested heavily in a dual-core, liquid-cooled G5 until finally settling on my current 24″ iMac.

I do a fair amount of large-format print, and it handles large documents fine, so I’m sure that the newer iMacs are even more powerful workhorses—and they run silently, unlike the tower Mac Pros.

On the official Apple site, there’s quite an awesome, very down-to-earth yet visually stunning video all about the new iMacs which can be viewed on their site.

If you’re a Mac user or not, the 6 minute video is quite amazing and I’ve watched it twice. It also features both the music of Bloc Party and features the new Star Trek movie, which is pretty great too 😉

Do you use a Mac? Would you consider upgrading?

9 thoughts on “Have you watched the new iMac Video?”

  1. Andrew Keir

    I really like alot of the mac hardware but could never get my head around the software.

    I started using computers back in the days of the commodore 64 and DOS etc. I’m pretty technically proficient and prefer having advanced control over my systems.

    I find a lot of the mac interface so “user friendly” that I cant find the options I want and find it harder to use lol.
    .-= Andrew Keir´s last blog ..Sweating the small stuff =-.

  2. David Airey

    Just watched it, Andrew. Looks gorgeous. I’ll pick up a Magic Mouse once it’s sold separately—Might Mouse not recommended.
    .-= David Airey´s last blog ..McCadden Design brandmarks =-.

  3. Andrew Kelsall

    @Andrew → Hmm, what are you doing with your PC’s? Trying to figure out the nearest black hole via mathematics? 😉

    No, I need simple stuff, as I have enough touch decisions to make regarding my design work; hehe

    @David → My Mighty Mouse has been sat next to my Wacom tablet collecting dust for 2 years, I’ve used it once, but I don’t really like mice at all, I wouldn’t even use the new one, although I’d play with it just for fun, yoink!

  4. Kiren

    I love apple so much. The stuff is just top of the line, I’ve had a 10 year old G4 that I was still using for graphic work up till I bought my Macbook last month. They last and are reliable. Expensive but worth every penny. I have a Wacom tablet, can’t imagine using it for everything though like yourself;)

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    @Kiren → I can remember the first time I used the Wacom, and it took ages to use properly. Now, however, I use it for all work on the Mac.

    Even in Firefox, I have the buttons set up to open tabs and go back. I even set up the buttons to play and stop in itunes. The possibilities are endless.

    Oh yeah, I also do a little designing with it 😉

    Thanks for commenting…

  6. Andrew Keir

    To be honest Andrew, my stubbornness to change no doubt plays a part here lol.

    I worked in IT for a lot of years and as a result am really specific when I tailor build my systems and operating systems. I build my machines for max performance with no frills for the best price. Paying an extra grand for the shiny case never sat well with me lol.

    But I must admit, that 27″ machine looks fantastic.
    .-= Andrew Keir´s last blog ..Sweating the small stuff =-.

  7. Rob Cubbon

    I’m a Mac boy through and through. I used to work in the publishing industry and used them from 1990 onwards. The first I bought was an expensive Proforma which was probably the low point of Macs (Steve Jobs wasn’t there at the time). But after that I had a couple of G4’s for £200 each (they’re not that expensive if you buy second hand and you can trust a second hand Mac). Now I’m on an iMac “Core 2 Duo” 2.0 and it’s absolutely beautiful. It handles all my work and that includes high res stuff as well. I have a laptop with Vista that I hate and will be buying a MacBook soon.
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  8. Andrew Kelsall

    @Rob → Like you, I love Macs and would rather have jut one than 10 PCs! I have a MacBook too, but only use it for browsing the web and reading in bed, lol.