Never mind .eu .me or .whatever, give me .tel!


I have heard a fair bit about the .tel “revolution” of late. So much so, that I bought before some cyber-squatter or other Andrew Kelsall decided to buy it.

I’m not too concerned about anyone buying the .eu, .me or .whatever version of my domain name (I have the, though), but .tel’s are meant to be the next big thing, so I though I’d cover my bases and buy this one. I first heard about them in the tabloid press, so I looked into it and supposedly, .tel domains are meant to be some world-wide telephone directory.

The whole point of them is, as I have gathered, you simply update your contact information so that if you give someone your .tel address ― they can always contact you by looking up your details. What you want kept private or public is up to you, the account holder.

Basically, I have only just set mine up with limited details to see what it’s all about. You can check it out at and look at the simple purple interface that everyone else on .tel has to give a unified image.

To find out more on .tel domains, you can visit Telnic, the organization behind them.

Have you got yourself a .tel address? Do you think this world-wide directory will take off? Do you think it’s just a waste of time?

6 thoughts on “Never mind .eu .me or .whatever, give me .tel!”

  1. Tyler Hayes

    How is this supposed to work at all? There are hundreds and thousands of people with the exact same names. Also, a worldwide directory that isn’t monitored? And they make you pay for it?

    If it hasn’t made it to the MSM in the US, then I hate to say it but it probably won’t take off :\ Good call on getting yours though, and keep us all updated on how it works out!

    Tyler Hayess last blog post..What if we forgot money and just solved everything?

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Hi Tyler,

    I don’t totally get-it myself, but I’m going to give it a try in case it gets huge. I think that if other “Andrew Kelsall’s” want to join, it’ll be like trying to get a Hotmail address back in the 90’s, like andrewkelsall1, andrewkelsall2 & andrewkelsall-tribute and the like 😉

    I wouldn’t say that it was mainstream here either at the moment, but neither was Facebook or Twitter at the start. I’ll see how it goes, thanks for commenting…

  3. Robin

    This is quite interesting, I may keep an eye on this to see what happens in the future.

    Also I tried to download your V card but all I got on it was your telephone number?

    Robins last blog post..10 reasons your business needs a website.

  4. Andrew Kelsall

    Good Afternoon Robin, to be honest, I forgot about putting information on it. I’ll sort it out in the next couple of days…got a pressing schedule. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

  5. twe4ked


    have you heard of .mp domains? you can get a free one by heading to its the same sort of principle except free!! If you need a beta code, email me or contact me from my website or @reply me on twitter @twe4ked



  6. Andrew Kelsall

    I’ve never heard of Chi,mp before. I took a look at and it looks interesting. I like the Twitter concept displayed on your odin site. I’ll investigate further at some point. Thanks for the info 🙂