Move-it Kit by David Graham, Dyson Award

moving box

This cardboard “Move-it Kit” was designed by David Graham, and was one of many industrial designs submitted to the James Dyson Awards.

cardboard moving box

The boxes are constructed from 100% recyclable cardboard materials and can be used for moving house, offices—or even just lugging stuff around after shopping.

Long moving box

The example above shows another variant of the concept. Yes, even the wheels are made from cardboard.

Move-it Kit Video ScreenShots

box handle

Handles are made to be tough.

box Dyson Award

Construction is rather simple. Here (above), the wheels are simply stock-on after peeling back adhesive film.

Going on bus with cardboard box

Apparently, this bloke walked 10 miles across London pulling along a microwave.

Box on escalator

Yes, you can move your microwave easily with a Move-it Kit—even down escalators!

David Graham’s Move-it Kit Video

I particularly liked this YouTube comment by user diasthema:

This is a fantastic idea. If it doesn’t win, please pitch it to IKEA. It would sell like MAD there.

Credits: All images used here are copyright © David Graham Design. Please go and check out his site, / Via

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3 thoughts on “Move-it Kit by David Graham, Dyson Award”

  1. Matthew

    Love it. Not sure how practical it would be for a large scale move but I think it’s good to transport bulky items. Especially in a city environment.

  2. H Swank

    Fantastic idea. Great for moving smaller items, and very much a ‘Green’ solution. Thanks for posting.

  3. Andrew Kelsall

    Matthew → Hay, that’s what you look like! I think the city moving angle is the one that is more plausible. The next time I need to can’t a microwave 10 miles, I’d consider it 😉

    Thanks for stopping by.

    H Swank → Thanks.