Mercedes Benz: Left Brain/Right Brain Ads

Mercedes Benz Ad image

I saw these great Ads recently—which are absolutely amazing I reckon. These digital works were designed for Mercedes Benz cars, and are based upon the left/right brain functions:

Mercedes-Benz ad 2

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Mercedes Benz Ad 3

Mercedes Benz Einstein Ad

Yes, the fourth Ad is a little different, but I still love it.

Images © Copyright / Credits for the design works:

Project: Left Brain Right Brain – Einstein. Client: Mercedes Benz Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive

21 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz: Left Brain/Right Brain Ads”

  1. Rob Cubbon

    Some great ads here, Andrew. They seemed to enjoy creating the right side rather than the left side.

  2. Everybody

    @Rob Cubbon
    I bet it’s because these ads were made by right side brain users.

  3. KTNK

    Mercedes Benz has truly found its way to win the attention of people and I am truly amazed at the sight of the 4th ad, it is very rare to see the popular genius in a very candid shot!

  4. Andrew Franklin

    Can I buy these posters? Where and how much?

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    Andrew → I don’t think you can, as they were adverts by Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive and appeared in magazines I assume…

  6. SkitchVehemence

    Wow, are you guys brain-dead? The left side of the brain deals with statistics and facts where as the right side deals with abstract thought and creativity, its just representative… Its not because this was created by people who utilize the right side more. Idiot.

  7. Andrew Kelsall

    SkitchVehemence → Yes, we know the mere facts of the matter. This is a graphic design blog, and this is a great piece of creativity here.

    Tell me, which of the commenters here is the “idiot”, or is this title reserved for lucky me?

  8. Haba

    Aside from the second poster, I don’t think these give enough credit to the left brain. Even the second one could have gone an extra mile to show the true contrast between the two

  9. John v

    I agree on them dissing the left side of the brain.

    Think of how beautiful structural engineering can be. The Eiffel Tower? The Golden Gate Bridge?

    Think of how beautiful complex mathematics can be. Fractals? Complex surfaces?

  10. now3p

    @John V. – notice the structures on the left brain in image 2. A skyscraper, arches, and grid systems and planes. The structures are master works in and of themselves, but I can pretty much guarantee that the conceptual visual work came from a right brained person, and was quantified by a left brained person.

    @all who think these images dismiss the importance of left brainers: I don’t think anyone’s dissing the left brain here – I think it’s more a matter that the most appropriate visual representation IS those more mundane/routine tasks that we take on in day to day life. This doesn’t seem to me to discount the qualities of the left brain as it does quantify them in a visually relative manner.

    Some examples would be the javascript code in background of image 2, or the architectural blueprints in the background of image 1. I also think the attributes of the left brain are very well highlighted in image 3 (my favorite, as well) – with imagery elements that require a great deal of strategy and planning; both left brain attributes. This isn’t to say that they are not important in any way, as obviously they made their way into the design (and most designers are fully aware their artistic qualities would never be seen without them), but more to say that they are not as flamboyant or overstated as the traits associated with the right brain.

    To summarize – how many programmers, mathematicians, scientists, or data analysts do you know who are more concerned about the visual elements of their work than the subject matter involved?

  11. 'Mark'

    has anyone told Mercedes that they are wrong?? its left brained people that are creative. Fact.

  12. Bickov

    Amazing artworks, love it

  13. Josef Thompson

    Although some people think that the left hand side isn’t as exciting.. it’s not meant to be. The best way to contrast them is how they have done, excellent work.

  14. LDB

    Left brain is always fast in theoretical and right in Creativity.

  15. Web Design

    Sometimes brain clicks right sometimes on left, but i am going with my Heart. 🙂

  16. Mattias Irving

    And all this time, I thought those two were named hemispheres and not brains. Does this mean I am bi-brained? Bi-winning, even?

  17. Trevor


    Thanks for sharing these ads – I like them, nice idea.

  18. Paula

    I would like to use these ads as part of my class for the Right Brain Initiative. I teach 4th grade. Where might I find copies of these? They are wonderful visuals.