Loving the Creative Community on SpoonFed Design


I was recently asked the question “Why Do We Love the Creative Community?” by Matt―a freelance graphic/web designer and developer from the US, who authors the very popular blog SpoonFed Design.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the twenty bloggers who featured in an article about the subject. My answer started:

I think that the online design community is vital because 99% of these valuable people are social, helpful and above all, selfless. There has been a number of occasions when I’ve needed some advise or help on a creative or technical issue-and there has always been someone, on Twitter for example, who is willing to help…

To read the rest of my comment―and the other wonderful nineteen answers by bloggers , head over to SpoonFed Design for the article Why Do We Love the Creative Community? [SEPT 09 UPDATE, LINK IS NO LONGER VALID, SF BLOG UPDATING PERMALINKS] I felt quite honoured to be asked to take part in the post―and I’d like to thank Matt for featuring me in this great resource.

2 thoughts on “Loving the Creative Community on SpoonFed Design”

  1. The Floating Frog

    I completely agree the creative community is welcoming and helpful. Above all it’s inspirational and the professionals that make it up are some of the nicest people around

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  2. Andrew Kelsall

    I completely agree with that! Thanks for visiting my blog, Floating Frog…