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I don’t normally review books—indeed I hardly even buy physical books any more. Every so often, though, I will step out of the digital sphere and buy one that I really want to read. My recent purchase was LOGO DESIGN LOVE: a guide to creating brand identities by well-known graphic designer and blogger, David Airey.

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◥ The first thing I noticed about the book was the wonderfully-embossed text on the front cover. Nice.

I must admit, this isn’t a full in-depth review of the book. To be honest I’m only half way through it, but I thought I’d share some thoughts on what I’ve read and seen so far in this short post.
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◥ The content of the book is great. It’s simple to follow and easy to digest. It’s been hard work putting it down, but I have several projects to do so I’ve forced myself to read a little at a time. The way the book is written is rather different to other books I’ve read—and I’ve found myself learning new things already.

Love design book inner image

◥ In both colour and black and white, this book uses samples of logo and identity work from across the globe. Working process’s are looked at, logos are reviewed and solutions revealed.

On the whole, I’d recommend this to any designer. I have come to respect David’s opinions and expertise over the last couple of years, so reading this has been a real pleasure.

Well done David—you’ve done a great job.

David Airey’s blogs are located at www.davidairey.com and www.logodesignlove.com

PS: I’ll revisit this post and mark it out of 10 when I have read the whole lot 🙂

16 thoughts on “Logo Design Love Book Review”

  1. Andrew Keir

    Amazon were kind enough to screw up the shipping for mine, another week or two till I see it 🙁

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @Andrew → Mine turned up somewhat late too, but I think this was down to the worst Winter we’ve had here in England for 30 years (up to 2 feet of snow)…so I’ll let them off I suppose…

  3. David Airey

    Thanks very much, Andrew. It’d be great to know your “out of 10” rating once you’ve finished.

  4. Goran Ilic

    Hi Andrew,

    i must agree with you, i just got mine yesterday and i am looking forward to continue reading it today.
    It is well written, actually it feels like David would talk directly with you.
    I love the sketches part and explanations, oh well to make it short the book is just great.

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    @David → No worries Mr. Airey. I don’t give 10/10’s lightly, so I’ll find something wrong with it to knock a point off or too, lol 😉

  6. David Airey

    Nothing’s perfect my friend. 😉
    .-= David Airey´s last blog ..Studio Culture =-.

  7. David Airey

    Funny you should mention that, Goran. I was talking to you. 😉

    Thanks for picking up a copy!
    .-= David Airey´s last blog ..Hatch Show Print =-.

  8. Gareth Coxon

    Hi Andrew, I’ve already been over to David’s blog to take alook at the process and work that went into putting the book together. It does look great and I need to order a copy and give it the once over.

    Like the look of the production values already, look forward to reading it.

  9. Andrew Kelsall

    @Gareth → It’s definitely a good read. I’ve had to put it down recently, as I’m working like mongoose trying to get some projects shifted. It’s not a very time-consuming book to read; I’ll will have finished it by Feb 🙂

  10. Andrew Keir

    Finally got my copy, Hooray.

    Speaking of logo books, have you submitted any of your stuff for the next logolounge book Andrew?

    2 and a bit weeks left for the cut off.
    .-= Andrew Keir´s last blog ..The illustrated work of Si Scott =-.

  11. Andrew Kelsall

    @Andrew → No this time I don’t think. I’m just way too busy. I think I’ll wait until next year, when I’ll have a fair amount of designs to submit. Are you?

  12. Andrew Keir

    About 2 months ago or so, Troy Tabor, one of the logo lounge partners was kind enough to give me a years free membership to the site after commenting on one of my designs.

    Hopefully this means I’m in with a pretty good shot at getting a few things published, lol. I submitted about 20 designs or something, a few more weeks to go before I find out though.

    Here’s hoping.
    .-= Andrew Keir´s last blog ..Disturbing revelations =-.

  13. Andrew Kelsall

    @Andrew → I’m not surprised that Troy admired the design. I’ve taken a look, and I think it’s a great piece of design! Hope it makes the cut into the book—and it should…