TwittBits: A Lazy Sunday Afternoon for Designers?


Lately, I’ve have a few projects going on all at once—and I’m having some difficulty trying to write articles for two blogs due to my workload. One thing I’m learning at the moment is to not start article series (like How I customized my WordPress Blog & What are Color Gamuts? ) until I can fully commit to them. I do intend to carry on the article series that I start, but I can’t guarantee I will get around to writing them soon. Articles like that simply take more time to write.

However, I was on Twitter today, and I wondered how busy other designer’s were on this, so-called “lazy Sunday afternoon”. Is there such a thing for a designer? With this in mind, I asked this question to other designer’s on Twitter:

What are you doing today?

It’s sort of like the original Twitter question, but for designers. These were my varied responses:

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@craigspeirs Tidying up the house and also listening to Greatest Hits. Then will sit down and search for an LCD monitor to buy

@netWire working… :S

@traceygr Despite being busy with web & print design work right now, I’ve taken Sunday off. To-do list tonight to get the week going.

@kgrz I’ve seen 2 movies today, Will see more 🙂 And then, I’ll probably draw an idea for a logo for a friend of mine!

@retinart Been wadding through the CSS for my new site design, enjoying the momentary departure from print.. what about you?

@RichardCarter swimming, sketching over a cup of coffee somewhere and then listening to a few web-themed podcasts later tonight

@jannicamorton hanging with the family and not even starting up my computers!

@VizionThree I’m sorting through my massive list of bookmarks and porting them over to Google Bookmarks.

@StephenTiano Friends visit today, tomorrow back to day-job & call client on teaching-reading boxed set to get us back on the same page.

@ckfio hanging out with my family 🙂

@BrenniFresh I’m watching soccer today and workin up a soccer logo/ club identity.

@garrick_s I’m doing chores around the house today. No design work.

@seanio putting my portfolio together. and you? [replied on Twitter]

@AndyL81 spending time with my wife and daughter, yard work, then later today some logo design work

@MeMBNandURB It’s Sunday and it’s raining, so … relaxing, replying to emails, listening to some new music promo’s. No design today.

@Rockhoward001 *sigh* making edits to a site, building a wp theme, designing a forum, emailing…lots of emailing, and editing photos.

@jchronowski47 winding my springs. Break out of this codependent funk

@designshard Thinking about and making a list of features to include on in the future, i like to stay in front!

@svolinsky writing html for new website and thinking about strategy for company’s twitter

@normalslife Looks like finishing up a website and going to a baby shower. I know… international lady of mystery I am not.

★1 @tommsinclair Finished a small freelance project and updated my portfolio adding 3 small freelance dev projects to it! ★2 Oh and I just did a new blog post all about it 😛

@ktshipp creating after effects video on the ten commandments for church

@starchildluke Answer to question: went to see a mate to discuss some t-shirt designs and a possible collaboration

@Laughing_Lion Editing photographs for a photobook.

@lornamorris Taken a day off and spent it with my family in the sunshine.

@cthomp7777 Chillaxin’ and gonna go look for some zines.

@justcreative Seeing though it is night, probably sleeping. 🙂

*Italics represent my own editorial changes and denote either websites or other information I am unwilling to promote. No offence is intended—as all replies are appreciated.
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The results of my original question indicate at least half of the featured designer’s are still busy dabbling in a design project or personal task in one way or another, which is valuable time spent.

However, some designers are spending time with their families, which is priceless. What was I doing this afternoon? I packed the car for a short break, make sure my mobile broadband connection was installed on my Macbook to take away with me, had a BBQ, finished a clients’ web template, studied the color on my new business cards, took my dog for a walk, looked after the kids, went shopping…and wrote this article, sigh…

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this Twitbits article and for sharing these insights into your daily lives on Sunday…

9 thoughts on “TwittBits: A Lazy Sunday Afternoon for Designers?”

  1. Corey Thompson

    Great lil’ question. I dig the title.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @Corey → Not only did forget to paste-in your tweet, I also for forgot to include the word “Sunday” in the title, D’oh… so I’ve updated that too 🙂

  3. claudia snell

    This was a fun question – interesting answers you got.
    You should do more posts like this.
    .-= claudia snell´s last blog ..Art: AquaSixio =-.

  4. Juanita

    Putting everything aside is also something I have to learn to do. I am used to having a full time career not blogging. So I have to get some hardy discipline when it comes to getting my blog content updated.

    It’s ok to have a few articles that display tweets or comments by contributors or visitors, but ultimately we (bloggers) strive to reach the heights of ‘content ultima’ like @Mashable and the other social media mavens, who we call gurus.

    I believe that we call them gurus because of there ability to do everyday what we (not gurus) can’t always get into gear to get done.

    More power to them. Thus, my contribution today was, unknowingly, more relevant that I thought. As it was about my inability to do exactly what you talked about. I did not fully commit to a series. I have drafts that are left unattended.

    If this was an assignment or paid work that would make the difference, but it is STUFF on MY blog. I think in my head it is not lifted to it’s actual value yet.

    Looking forward to reading your next (tweet filled post) … SOON 🙂

  5. Richard

    I thought there might have been quite a few people still working on things – not sure what it is about designers/webby people (perhaps that most are self-employed?), but we just can’t seem to leave our work for the week!

  6. Andrew Kelsall

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Sorry for the late reply, been away to the coast for a few days…

    @claudia → I’m thinking of just-that, thanks 🙂

    @Juanita → Yeah, time is definitely the enemy! Thanks for your comment.

    @Richard → I’ve just come back from Blackpool, and had one of those broadband USB sticks for the Macbook, until it ran out of credit and I forgot the top-up card, D’oh! It was only then that I was totally disconnected from my business—but I didn’t like this—I always like to stay connected. For my, it’s less stressful, lol.

  7. Mariusz

    I (@dotmariusz) was working, but not a home or the office – I decided to make myself a trip to my parents’ house on the countryside, get some fresh air and recharge my batteries. I recommend this to anyone – working on the terrace with a laptop on your knees is fun indeed. 😉