Kasabian Video for ‘Days Are Forgotten’

This Kasabian Video and preceding screen-shots are from the recent track “Days are forgotten”. I don’t normally showcase videos, but times are changing and I’m always looking for ways to inspire you in a variety of ways.

kasabian video

What You May Like About This Music Video

Well, if you’re into mainstream British Indie music, the track itself is fantastic, but what I really like the the effective way that it’s styled. Shot is black & white, the Kasabian Video starts off with a few random wavy and chalk-like lines that are in sync with the song.

As the track progresses, the lines meld into concentric circles, with the whole graphic-appeal of the visuals building-up towards the end. The lines also form graphic equalizer lines’ and mimic the band member’s instruments. Brilliant.

days are forgotten screenshot

The video can be watched near the end of this post. Viewing via RSS? Please visit this article on the Andrew Kelsall Blog.

white lines on black background

kasabian on black background

White chalky lines drumkit

White music lines

Kasabian Guitar playing

kasabian video for days are forgotten screenshot

►► Kasabian Video “Days Are Forgotten”

KASABIAN – Days are forgotten from AB/CD/CD on Vimeo.

Credits: Director : AB/CD/CD | Dop : Will Bex | Editor : Emilie Orsini | Production : PARTIZAN UK | Record Label : Sony UK

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