Imaginative Lego Ad Campaign

Lego Simpsons ad poster image

I just returned home from a weekend in London, where my friends, family and myself visited LegoLand in Windsor (which was fantastic). Shortly after checking my RSS feeds upon return, I noticed this fantastic set of Ads by designer Jung von Matt.

They are for a Lego campaign named ‘Imagine’ which use extreme minimalism to represent well-know cartoon and kids characters. My favourite is the Simpsons one above. Can you spot the rest?

Lego Burt and Ernie image

Lego Imagine Campaign image

Lego Imagine Campaign showing turtles

Lego Imagine Campaign blocks

coloured figures

Credits: All images shown in this set are Copyright © Jung von Matt. Please check out his site for the rest of his portfolio work. Discovered by inspiration site, Fubiz.

Lego Smurfs ad

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Crosswords Lego Ad 2

9 thoughts on “Imaginative Lego Ad Campaign”

  1. CP

    it’s can do just about anything with lego’s. enjoyed it.

  2. JasonG

    So very cool and simple… Amazing how quickly I was able to figure out which each one was supposed to be. I want a poster print of The Simpson’s one.

  3. Andrew Kelsall

    Jason G → Yeah, it’d look good on my wall too!

  4. Galvin Rodricks

    The Second Picture looks like that of Popeye , the Sailor Man with his 4 nephews. Thanks for posting such a wonderful blog article. It reminded me of my child hood days with Lego Toys.

  5. Derek

    Who are the yellow and black Characters on the ad campaign?
    I have got the rest apart from that one? – Driving me nuts!!!

  6. Andrew Kelsall

    Galvin → I see what you mean – he does look like Popeye I suppose. I have some Lego on my desk, and I’m 33!

  7. HelenHatesPeas

    So what are the answers?
    I think I got most of them….but there still should be answers 🙂

    (Yeah- OCD Friday!)

  8. rebecca

    Fantastic! love the smurf ones! super cool website too