I am #525915, what are you?


Recently, I was asked by Franz Jeitz of Fudge Graphics to partake in a social experiment entitled What’s Your Favourite Colour? Franz was collecting this information to present the variety of colours that designers chose in a chart/table. I chose my colour based on a variety of factors:

My favourite colour around my desk is a neutral tone, so my eyes won’t adjust to a alternate white point when designing. My favourite colour used in design when expressing optimism might be orange or yellow. However, design aside, I feel that very earthy-green or brown colours would probably be the most meaningful colours in my life, as they are the colours I like to wear.

Throughout the past few years, I have normally worn these shades of colour in hooded tops, combat trousers and coats. I suppose these colours are what I am comfortable with―and therefore, capable of designing in, so to speak. After reviewing some tones in Photoshop®, I selected a colour that fits well with my personal and professional persona―a mossy-green colour… #525915

If you haven’t seen the article already, why not head over there and take a look―there’s some interesting results.

4 thoughts on “I am #525915, what are you?”

  1. Andrew Keir

    d71920. Red because I like jam donuts.

    WAIT! I mean passionate about design… yes, TOTALLY about my passion for design…

  2. Andrew Keir

    phew, what a save.