How Twitter Aided my Latest Logo Design

Twitter and Mashable Logo Design Image

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a client who found me via the Mashable Twitter list 85+ of the best Twitterers Designers Should Follow. This quite surprised me, because at the time, I didn’t really know the “laws of Twitter” in a sense. I think I tweeted out way too many links of my own blog posts than other peoples. Now, however, I  mostly post links from other blogs and resources with the odd link of my own a couple of times a week (apart from socialising too, via @AndrewKelsall).

Not only was this how I was “found” by a client, but Twitter turned out to be my primary research tool.

A year or so ago, I knew nothing of Twitter. Now, however, this new social behemoth has provided me with a great logo design project that I wouldn’t have received without it.

The logo design process I am currently writing on this project is quite extensive—and I’ll be posting it here on as my next post next week. The above image shows a snapshot of the logo as a printout. Be sure to get Free Updates via Email or RSS so you don’t miss the forthcoming article 🙂

10 thoughts on “How Twitter Aided my Latest Logo Design”

  1. Andrew Keir

    Hidy ho neighbor,

    A little off topic here but… on the subject of people contacting you, do you find having your phone number available is of significant benefit?

    At the moment I’ve got my cforms only before calling people back. Do you find having your phone number available publicly increases the amount of people who contact you?

    I’ve been thinking about putting my number up for a while, any suggestions?
    .-= Andrew Keir´s last blog ..Colour for the colourblind =-.

  2. Gareth Coxon

    Hi Andrew, Twitter is excellent, I find it is a good source of banter as well as info, help and clients. I too probably misused it at the beginning, but now I’m not sure a day goes by when I have to check in.

    @Andrew Keir – I know you didn’t ask me! 🙂
    But I say it does help if you have a phone number easily available as some people will ring a handful of designers to see if they are available or interested in a project and they are likely to just move on if they can’t find a phone number. It can also put peoples minds at ease if they can contact you straight away.
    .-= Gareth Coxon´s last blog ..Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 2 – 01/02/10 =-.

  3. Andrew Keir


    I totally left a message on your mobile. You should go check before you start slinging accusations around 😛
    .-= Andrew Keir´s last blog ..Colour for the colourblind =-.

  4. Andrew Kelsall

    @Andrew → I agree with what Gareth has written, but one addition to this is that next to my phone number is my phone policy. I state that I do not answer withheld numbers. This for the most part weeds out sales callers and suchlike.

    I think pros outweigh the cons, though. Even if you don’t answer every call, at least the number is available to potential clients. Just make sure Voicemail is on with a personal message and “Bobs your Uncle”.

    The number I use is a Skype number, which I only use for Business too. When I’m out of the office I configure it to re-direct to my mobile, which is pretty handy !

    @Gareth → Thanks for the info, feel free to contribute anytime 🙂

  5. Andrew Keir

    Hmmm. Might have to get myself a second mobile number for the web from the sounds of it.

    Then I can walk around like a big-shot with 2 mobile phones. It’s win win 😛
    .-= Andrew Keir´s last blog ..Colour for the colourblind =-.

  6. Rowenta

    Congrats on landing a project. It must be a nice surprise. Frankly, I have never figured out how to make use of Twitter to my advantage. I find that Facebook is a better networking tool than Twitter although I’m also not using it to its full potential. I guess that’s just so much time I’m willing to spend sitting in front of the computer everyday! 🙂

  7. Andrew Keir

    One more blog design tweak down I see Andrew, just about chopped your sidebars in half.

    I like the new fav icon.

  8. Andrew Kelsall

    @Rowenta → Yeah, time is a big issue. I don’t use Facebook for business. I tried it once, but figured that I wouldn’t have the time to keep it going so I deleted it to concentrate on Twitter.

    @Andrew → The sidebars contained way too much info, so, time pending, I’m going to create a category page instead.

    I changed the Favicon as the “cog concept” was part of the blog design from a year ago, so I figured it had to go. It’s amazing how such a small graphic can take ages to conceptualise!