How Mashable sent me 2000 Twitter Followers *Updated


As per usual, I logged into my Twitter account the other day (@AndrewKelsall), and I was amazed to find that I had nearly 500 new followers—just a night after I last checked. Bemused of this, I tweeted how strange this was, only to discover just after that @cameronolivier already tweeted me in congratulations for making a “Mashable List“.

To be honest, I’d visited Mashable before, but didn’t really use it. Just then, I was been tweeted up to 20 times by other “tweeple” that ‘I had made’ the Mashable List 85+ of the Best Twitterers Designers Should Follow. I was pretty amazed—and there I was, 2nd form the top of the list (right under @abduzeedo). This wasn’t because I was more “tweetier” (if that’s even a word) than anyone else, it’s just that the list was in alphabetical order.

Cameron Oliver, who was also featured, tweeted me that he didn’t receive as many followers that I received, so having a name beginning with the letter “A” certainly helped. A few days later now 3 weeks later, Mashable have sent my way 2000 Twitter Followers. I feel very honoured to be part of this list—and I don’t really think I should have been there. But, things as they are, it’s was a great experience to be recognised!

Have you had a plug from Mashable before? Have you had any large influx of Twitter users follow your updates?

Top image © CC chaztoo.

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33 thoughts on “How Mashable sent me 2000 Twitter Followers *Updated”

  1. floreta

    yes congrats.. i’m a tweeple that found you thru that list (who a friend gave me knowing i like design).. i might have @ you too about it.. i forgot. but funny how you weren’t even aware of the list until people were congratulating you 🙂 having an alphabetically advantaged last name definitely helps.

    floretas last blog post..What’s It Like?

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Hi floreta,

    Yeah, I was getting all kinds of comments like “ may be something to do with this: [Mashable link]. It was rather funny I admit 🙂

    Thanks for commenting…

  3. Okizoo

    whats up andrew,
    I am also someone that found you via this Mashable link. I have just started following but look forward to sharing common knowledge on design. Congrats again.

    Okizoos last blog post..BKK RAW 2 at Club Baroque Bangkok

  4. Chad Engle

    Thats awesome! I picked up about 300+ but I start with a C so you being at the top of the list paid off. 🙂

  5. Kumail Hunaid

    Hey, if you dont want to be on that list, I wouldnt mind exchanging 😛

  6. Andrew Kelsall


    I’m doing great thanks, how about yourself? Thanks for your supportive comment 🙂


    I’m not sure about that, but thanks 😉


    Oh well, 300+ is still great. I suggested to Cameron River that he rename himself A★Cameron River, lol

  7. Andrew Kelsall


    I wouldn’t say that, wink wink…

    Thanks everyone for your great comments.

  8. Anon

    You may want to reconsider what you think ‘an honour’ is… Is there really any merit in being listed on a list of people who tweet, that maybe we should follow for some reason. Really, think about it, it means very little at all. All I’m saying is, that if this is an honour then perhaps you should rethink ambition.

    By the way, this website, it’s like a mixture between Just Creative and David Airey…the layout, the links, the ‘subscribe for FREE’ *******. the 8 “INSIPRING” Comments rubbish, assuming they are all going to be inspiring, it’s silly. Hopefully this comment will inspire you to be original and start thinking for yourself. All the little things that each website is copying of one another. ok i started this comment trying not to sounds bad but like **** it, I’m being straight with you here, there’s far too much ********* and copying of each others styles going on here. You now probably think I’m an idiot but forget how I phrased it but ask why I said it, or why I feel this way. There are good reasons, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. wouldn’t you love to be more original? unique? or at least stand out from the pack?

    For example, Airey puts a video up of himself saying thanks to everyone, then jacob cass does it, JC even said some lines that were almost word-for-word the same as davids. “oh excuse the nerves or amateurishness”, it’s cringey, it makes me cringe. i’m surprised you haven’t done one of those ‘thank you’ vids.

    You’ll probably either respond with a “well you dont have to read these blogs” answer, but thats not the point, I just came across this blog, I’m trying to help you here, it may not be the “nicest” way but trust me I’m not trying to just slag you or put you down. You’d be the better of it if u listened to what exactly I’m saying.

    Try something new, stop reading any design blogs for 2 weeks, and during that time forget about all the ones you’ve read and try think of some article titles, you know if you call yourself a designer then where are your opinions on design issues such as ethics? practice vs ideals? current situations like this comment i’ve just left you?

    go ahead delete this comment, but I’d prefere if you didn’t. It’s not a bash at you it’s my freespeech, by censoring this it shows you’re uncomfortable with these issues. If you are totally comfortable you’ll leave this here to show that you can defend yourself and what you believe in.

    I look forward to hearing back from you, it would be nice to take the tone of the conversations up a notch or two and start discussing more serious and relevant issues.

    Thank you.
    You’d defiantly know who I am if I revealed it.

  9. Andrew Kelsall


    I wondered how long it would be before I received a comment like yours. Firstly, I would like to say “thank you” for testing my banned-words content filter. All those words you have left have been starred-out. Do this again, or none of your comments will ever appear again, be warned.

    wouldn’t you love to be more original? unique? or at least stand out from the pack?

    If you would firstly take the time to read other posts from my blog, you would see that I also author a site named ‘Pure Christian Graphic Design’, a sister-site to this one. I don’t think you get much more unique than this.

    This one (AK) is a more generic site to list design process’s and stuff I find interesting. I have loads of ambition. I have had sites before that have failed, but my 2 blogs now are beginning to be successful.

    you know if you call yourself a designer then where are your opinions on design issues such as ethics?

    Read a post on PCGD where I am currently debating 2 atheists on a bus campaign. Ethical issue…yes.

    If you are totally comfortable you’ll leave this here to show that you can defend yourself and what you believe in.

    I believe in the important things in life, like Christianity and family. I said I was Honoured because I am a very optimistic and grateful person.

    I am curious as to your last statement “You’d defiantly know who I am if I revealed it.” Well, judging by the fact your spelt “honour” with a “U”, I’d say you’re in the UK at least (or OZ). Can I challenge you to reveal yourself?

    Despite the obvious negativity in this article, thanks for your thoughts, but please respect me more in any future comments. I’m all up for debate, but don’t over-step the mark.

  10. Amanda Vlahakis

    Anon, there is some merit yes in being listed as ‘interesting’ to follow. If there were no merit to it, we’d all have over 3k followers …whereas most of us do not. How many followers do you have? I have about 200.

    Whether it’s been ‘worked at’ to acquire, or simply by the grace of being interesting … either way there is merit in gaining that many Twitter followers. Not only that, it’s useful also. If you don’t think it’s useful, that likely means you don’t understand the potential of Twitter.

    Just because one blog is similar to another, that doesn’t mean it’s a copy… people do think alike you know and graphic design only has so many topics or angles to cover!

    I mean to point out ‘subscribe for free’ – goodness, if that is copying why don’t you post a message on all the design blogs accusing them of having a lack of originality also. It’s necessary to put that phrase, if you didn’t put that you’d be an idiot, copying has nothing to do with it.

    What I’m really interested to know is why you felt compelled to help Andrew become more original? Why do you even care if he’s original or not?

    If you are frustrated with the lack of originality in design blogs as a whole, rather than try to push designers to produce content that you’d prefer to read (in by the way, not the most polite of tones), you could always start your own design blog featuring the type of content you think is original and interesting … just a helpful suggestion.

    Try to remember that blogs are a personal diary and thoughts of an individual, blogs offer freedom of speech, whatever that speech may be – they don’t need to stick to rules or even be original, they can write what they want to write. The blogger does not need to be controlled by the masses, or one rather critical and yet anonymous reader.

    Amanda Vlahakiss last blog post..Oh O … retro

  11. Graham Smith

    Firstly, it’s great that you can get a boost of followers like that from time to time, there are not many people that would say no.

    Secondly, what on earth is that last comment about from Mr or Mrs Im So Scared to Leave my Own Name?

    Wow is all I can say. The garbage that was spewed? Never quite seen anything like it, mostly because of how hypocritical they are being

    If it was named, and they had ‘dared’ you to leave the comment then fair enough. But seriously, they come out with all this nonsense, yet too scared to even say who they are.

    I would seriously consider removing anon comments like this because they are not in the least bit useful. I would however leave it if it was named (usually). But this comment really pushes the limits of what is acceptable.

    Good for you for replying as you did, but unless they give up who they are, I would personally remove it and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

    Giving anon messages the time of day is something I don’t permit on my own blog, just because it really is a childish level of maturity.

    My thoughts anyway,

  12. Jacob Cass

    Re the video post, you will notice in the comments of that particular post that I even mention that David motivated me to do the post, however, I had actually bought a web cam a few weeks earlier just to do a video post. Also, in regards to being “original”, you will even notice Chris Spooner, Danny Outlaw & even Darren Rowse’s first video posts being the same – there is really only one introductory post that you can do… introduce yourself, say thank you, get over your nerves, etc. It’s just natural.

    Jacob Casss last blog post..The Past, Present & The Future

  13. Andrew Kelsall


    That was a worthy comment. I could almost imagine myself listening to it as though it was some great speech to the blogging masses 🙂

    I liked what you also wrote about the “Subscribe for free” aspect. It just brings to light the exact reason why bloggers include this, as we recognise that many people associate “Subscribe” with a monetary payment of some kind. It’s just sad that some people, such an “anon” don’t have the foresight to recognise that we’re trying to be in-touch with their readers, and impart clarity into our blog designs.

    Thanks for → as anon would despise → a truely “inspiring comment”.


    I do actually agree with what you said:

    Good for you for replying as you did, but unless they give up who they are, I would personally remove it and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

    Yes, I wouldn’t normally reply to a comment such as this, but I just had one of those gut-instincts whereby I thought…No, I’m gonna reply to this kind of criticism.

    My blog, although 10 month old, is still in it’s early stages, but if had 20-odd comments on every post, I’d simply delete this kind of verbal-tirade because of sheer lack of time—and like you mentioned, not giving these messages the time of day.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site, Graham


    Couldn’t agree more. Like most bloggers, it’s been on my to-do-list for months, too.

    By the way, that’s great news about the NYC job offer. I would love to live there for a while. Hope you make the right choice, whatever you choose to do—it’s great to hear of success stories like yours 🙂

  14. Jacob Cass

    Thanks and I will make the right choice. Haven’t got the full details yet (ie, the crucial bits like salary) but I will make the right decision 🙂

    Anyway, congrats on the 1200+ followers… I got a few hundred but not so sure if they came exactly from there… anyway, keep it up. I am quickly approaching more Twitter followers than blog subscribers and that is a scary thought – I never knew how powerful Twitter would come to be.


    Jacob Casss last blog post..The Past, Present & The Future

  15. Andrew Kelsall


    When I joined Twitter, I had no idea how to use, why it was used or where it would lead. It’s strange that you have to find out for yourself in many ways. I am surprised how popular it has become, as many people (even ones I know) won’t use it because they don’t ‘get-it’. I think if Twitter started to market it more, it would soon be in the Worlds top-10 web-site list.

    PS, Even if the salary was average, I’m sure the opportunity to live in NYC would make up for it 😉

  16. Andrew Kelsall

    @Cad Blog

    All-thanks to my parents 😉

  17. David Airey

    That’s some boost there, Andrew. 😉 I’m sure they’ll stick around.

    Just arrived back from a short break from computers. Keeping well I hope?

    David Aireys last blog post..The beautiful Balearics

  18. Andrew Kelsall


    Yeah thanks. Good to hear that you had a relaxing break in Menorca. Now that you’re back, it’s as hot here than it is there (well, Yorkshire at least )? 😉

  19. David Airey

    There’s a fair difference between the temperature across the water. I see London’s getting 23 or so tomorrow, but 13 in Belfast. Gotta love it.

    David Aireys last blog post..The beautiful Balearics

  20. Andrew Kelsall


    Hehe. I actually like the odd bit of rain when I’m in designing. Snuggle up to the Mac with a cup of tea. Helps the design process, lol.

  21. Gareth Coxon - Dot Design

    Wow, what a post. I heated debate and strange comments from people who won’t reveal their identity! 🙂

    Great that you got such a huge amount of followers from one blog post Andrew, just shows the power of some blogs! Mashable is one of my favourites.
    .-= Gareth Coxon – Dot Design´s last blog ..Logo Design – City of Melbourne =-.

  22. Andrew Kelsall

    @Gareth → Yeah, the debate is certainly the strangest I’ve had so far. To be honest, I don’t really read Mashable too much, as I prefer to read blogs from sole freelancers. That said, I think I’ll still check on it from time to time. Thanks for commenting…

  23. Steve

    LOL… I just read all of the comments. What a story! Nice to see Jacob’s online 2009 journey here.

    I’ve just started and only have 300 followers on Twitter in just over two months so something must be working I guess? I’m hoping designers will get something out of my blog just like we do out of yours Andrew.

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Andrew Kelsall

    Steve → Thanks. I hope your blogging venture goes well 🙂

  25. Steve

    Congratulations getting on the list Andrew 🙂
    Being Social Media marketers, we too encourage our clients to be original and always share content that is useful to their audience on whatever social networks and niche they are.

    May be your sharing of such great insights combined with your skills has gotten you through to that list.

    Once again, many congratulations. Look forward to reading your posts 🙂

  26. Mark Narusson

    Hi Andrew – good for you! It just goes to show that if you have something interesting to say, people will visit and follow you. Keep up the good work.

  27. S Hackenmueller

    Congrats! Can I ride your coattails?

  28. naved

    very strange and at the same time very interesting.