Multicolr Search Lab, Coloured Fish & Great Links: Inspiration #8

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Yet again, here’s another set of design links for the end of this busy monthas well as some images and a following highlighted resource. There’s also some design links submitted by some of the design community…

Appendix A: Featured Designers’ Resource: Idée Multicolr Search Lab

idee multicolr search lab image

I found this great resource recently, and I think its something I’ll be using in the future. The Idée Multicolr Search Lab site reads:

We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our Piximilar visual search technology you can search the collection by colour.

You can go and check out this tool over at

Appendix B: Fresh Design Links

How to Blog for Business by Rob Cubbon

For me, blogging isn’t about making money from advertising, affiliate marketing and selling products. It’s not about that for the majority of bloggers either.

But it is about business. All of my current clients have either contacted me through my website or are a result of a recommendation through my website.

I advise most of my clients to see a blog as a marketing tool…. Read More

One year published, and thoughts on a second book by David Airey

It’s been around a year since my book became available. A few of you have asked how the year went, if there’s been any impact on business, and if I’ll write another.

For those new to my blog, here’s a “behind the scenes” of writing a design book… Read More

Brand Identity Design Process – Progressive Legal by Dot Design

When Dot Design initially talked through the project brief it was clear that this was to be an evolution of the existing brand identity design. Progressive Legal wanted to retain certain graphic elements such as use of blues and exploration of the original ‘P’ arrow device as seen below… Read More

Calculating Color Contrast by Brian Suda, 24 Ways

In this article I will walk you through two simple equations to determine if you should be using white or black text depending on the color of the background. The equations are both easy to implement and produce similar results… Read More

Appendix C: Great Images

the moon image
Image source/copyright here

↑ Amazing image the Moon

sunny paradise beach
Image source/copyright here

↑ Sunny paradise beach

coloured fish photograph image
Image source/copyright here

↑ Image showing coloured fish

coca cola bottles image
Image source/copyright here

↑ Vintage & modern Coca-Cola Bottles

throughthedark image
Image source/copyright here

↑ Stunning photo named “Through the dark”

Appendix D: User-Submitted Links

100 + Must Have Cheat Sheets and Quick References For Web Designers and Developers

Cheat Sheets are always helpful for web designer and web developers.Many computer applications, for example, have cheat sheets included in their documentation which list keystrokes or menu commands.

Graphic Design Blog Divider Image

20+ Free eBooks for Designers & Developers

World is now becoming global village every thing is available on internet. An electronic book or eBook is the popular source of getting knowledge nowadays. Today i have collected 20+ best and free eBooks for designers and developers.

Graphic Design Blog Divider Image

Mastering shadows in Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks, who’s the winner?

A complete study around the different ways of working with shadows in Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Fireworks, includes the opinion from many well-know designers around the world and some good examples.

Graphic Design Blog Divider Image

Before Starting a Project

10 most important questions keep in your mind at the time of making a logo or a brand identity

Graphic Design Blog Divider Image

Beautifully Designed Christian Wallpapers

Although Christian designers can derive inspiration from almost everything, the Bible is our greatest source of inspiration.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Top 3 Keys For a Great Web Design Every Time

With the huge amount of web browsing done these days, a web designer can’t afford to let their viewers leave their website due to bad design. A well built website should have 3 key elements that help viewers find what they are looking for.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Useful Typography Tips For Adobe Illustrator

Here are some of the most important aspects of typography that every Illustrator user should know.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

35 Stunning Examples Of Soap Bubble Photography

I’m sure you all blow bubbles when you were a kid but you have never seen how much they are attractive,shiny and reflective.Ok,it is not possible to see the details if you don’t take photos of the soap bubbles but today i want to show you the beauty of them.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

3 Free WordPress Plugins That Will Change the Way You Blog

There are quite a few free WP plugins out there: some of them are very useful, some are less useful, but the following 3 plugins will really take your WP experience to another level.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

5 Design Lessons Learned From Billboard Ads

Here are five design techniques that marketing professionals can borrow from successful billboard advertisements that can help them create better advertisements.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Clever Food Packaging for Your Inspiration

Browse through some favourite food packages to see if they inspire you to new heights of clever designing.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Simple and Basic Business Card for Beginners

If you are new to Designing Field and you wanted to learn Photoshop. Here I’m going to tell you simple and basic business card in Photoshop. Some new techniques and tips for you in this tutorial so must try.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Up and Coming Wedding Photographers

Photographs should capture all of the energy and emotion of a moment, especially for as special of an occasion as a wedding.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Minor Details that can enhance Sales for Creatives

Growing in the business is a very important thing however; it is definitely a hard task. Finding clients is never an easy thing which is why web designers and graphic designers are always looking for more and more opportunities to grow.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Let us Design Twitter Bird in Photoshop

Have you ever made Twitter Bird in Photoshop? If No then I’m going to tell you how you can make in Photoshop quite easily, just check and see.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

Photoshop is arguably the top design program for manipulating photos. So, if you are interested in building new skills by playing around with Photoshop, the following are the tutorials for you.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Weekly Fresh and Updated Fonts #5

We continue to share weekly free,fresh and updated fonts with you.This week we’ve collected 10 fresh and updated fonts.For me,Kerater is just what I was looking for a project.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Font Typography: 50 Brilliant Typography Designs To Inspire You

Fonts typographic designs is now more popular and we can notice a surge for fonts Type work on portfolio sites, Here we have collected 50 Brilliant Typography Designs To Inspire You , I found these design really inspiring and i m sure you never seen before, hope you will be inspired.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

22 Inspiring Invitation Ideas and Solutions

Invitations not only inform invitees of your event but also give them a glimpse of the theme and style. For an event as memorable as your wedding day, and even your bridal shower, your choice of design for an invitation is especially important.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

10 Free E-books for Web Designers,Developers and Freelancers-Part 1

Today we are beginning to publish series of ebooks for web designers and web developers.We don’t want to put tens of free ebooks in just one post because we are looking for quality ones which will help all of you to improve yourself.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Free Fonts: 50+ Remarkable Fonts For Designer

Free Fonts: 50+ Remarkable Fonts For Designer has always been a fundamental aspect of stylish headlines design, but many designers are now making type the centrepiece of their designs. Not only is typography becoming the design, but type is being pushed to the limits by being used in cool new ways such as High Quality Free Fonts. Designers have been dabbling in fonts typography effects for a while, so here are some new type projects you may not have seen yet form the online design community.

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

Interview with ArtPhotoSoul

We’ve been wanting to interview other photographers for a while now…and what’s a better way to start than to interview our good friends, who also shot our wedding?!

Graphic Design    Blog Divider Image

50 Fantastic Examples Of Photo Manipulation Art

It’s been months since our first photo manipulation collection and it was time for a second one.This time we have added a few professional artist’s photo manipulations which have been created for companies for commercial campaigns.

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