Where I Live

I thought it may be insightful to show you where in the world I live. The image below shows a birds-eye view of the small town of Hemsworth:

Google Maps image

Hemsworth is located on the borders of South and West Yorkshire—and Yorkshire is a county in northern England, UK. The main focal point of the town is a massive Tesco (supermarket), so there’s not much of interest here, although I live about 20 miles away from the City of Leeds:

Leeds in England
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons | stewedpeas

↑ Here’s a shot of the Northern City of Leeds (about 300 miles north of London).


Here’s a few shots of the type of landscape found here in Yorkshire. They’re images I found online, since all my personal photos have family members on them, etc:

yorkshire hills
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons | John Clift

↑ Yes, there’s plenty of rolling hills and sheep.

Oilseed rape fields
Photo Credit: ©Fran Hansall Photography

↑ Although this scene in from Whitby (a place I frequently visit about 90 miles away), there’s plenty of these bright yellow oilseedrape fields around my town.

yorkshire fields
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons | S John Davey

↑ We have a mixed bag of weather up here in Northern England, but the countryside comes alive when the Sun starts to shine.

The Bigger Picture

Now, I’m going to show you some images of where Hemsworth is compared to the rest of the world:

Yorkshire image

↑ Hemsworth a bit further out.


↑ Hemsworth and surrounding villages/towns.

yorkshire landscape

↑ This image must have been taken after the summer. Otherwise, many of these fields would be bright yellow due to oilseedrape harvests.


↑ There’s quite a few cities contained in this shot, such as Wakefield, Barnsley and Doncaster.

Yorkshire, England

↑ Here, you can see the Pennines (mountain range) in dark brown to the left of the “A”. On the other side of the Pennines is the City of Manchester.

United Kingdom

↑ As can be seen, Hemsworth is roughly in the centre of the UK mainland.


↑ I’m going to keep zooming out over Europe!

UK, America and Australia
Photo Credits for all Maps images above: Google Maps

↑ As previously stated, I’ve worked for clients in America (BlueDrift) and Australia (Dominic Finley), as well as in the UK (Next, Plc). This is why I market myself as a worldwide designer for hire.

planet earth
Photo Credit: Google Earth

↑ …but despite what my friends think—I’m from planet Earth 😉

Are you a designer? Why not introduce yourself and let us know where you do business…

5 thoughts on “Where I Live”

  1. David Airey

    Google Maps is great. I include a little interactive one on my contact page so visitors can do just what you’ve shown us here.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    David → Sounds like a good idea, I’ll take a look.

    After writing this post (where I just noticed that I wrote “feinds” instead of friends; amended), I linked to it from my ‘About’ page.

    I’m going to scan in my Graduation photo and show this next…

  3. Rob Cubbon

    Interesting post, Andrew, it’s funny that you say that Hemsworth is a small place and yet it looks quite big from the sky, the population is a few thousand, I guess.

    Here I am at the moment, far out into the north London suburbs: http://tinyurl.com/3vxrkbu

  4. Andrew Kelsall

    Rob → Well, I meant “small” as opposed to towns that are substantially larger. There’s plenty of smaller villages that are around Hemsworth that have populations of less than a 1000. Hemsworth has many more, and I suppose it could be classed as a large town by some, though.

    I’ve shortened your massively long URL – and it worked but has now not functioning for some reason. Sorry! You can repost it if you want 🙂