My Urine Colour Chart (Pee Colour Chart) Available to Download

See my new Urine Colour Chart! Can you remember to Health and Safety Signs that I started selling a few years back? Well, now I’m adding some well-needed updates to my health-and-safety line of works. Next up is my Urine Colour Chart (Pee Colour Chart) that companies can download, print out and hand in frames.

Urine Colour Chart image

Bee Inspired T-Shirts ‘Bee Humble, Stay Bumble’ by Kelsorian

Recently, I’ve been setting up my Illustration brand, which is named Kelsorian. After finalising various designs, they are now for sale on my Redbubble Store. Here is a recent typographic design that is now available for sale on many items and products:

Bee Inspired T-Shirts for Woman and Men

Bee Inspired T-Shirts image

T-Shirts with Black Sleeves

Bee Inspired T-Shirts with Black Sleeves image

Mechanical Font by Riccardo Sabatini

This stunning Mechanical Font named “Mekkanika” was designed by Italian designer Riccardo Sabatini.

mechanical font header image

The typeface was based upon the well-known Din-font variant, Alternate Black. Riccardo scanned loads of mechanical technical drawings to create each letter and number. Check out his Transformer Decepticon icon, too. Cudos to Riccardo─please head over to his Behance profile to more of his talents─and the rest of this set.

Top 20 Baffling British Road Signs

Apparently, the British government are finally going to have some road signs over here totally axed or redesigned. Some are good, but others are misleading, baffling and confusing to many motorists. The next 20 signs show what some people may think they mean (with a bit of humour). This is especially true if they view them for the first time from overseas…

All vehicles prohibited except pedal cycles sign

1. X-Box Red Ring of Death

What is really means → All vehicles prohibited except pedal cycles being pushed by pedestrians