Look what I found in the Attic…

apple mac found attic retro image

The previous owners of my house left this retro 1995 Apple Macintosh keyboard and mouse in my attic, as can be seen in the image.

Being a Mac fan, it’s a great find—and I’ll definitely be keeping hold of it—it’s a classic piece of Mac history.

It just shows how far technology has developed in the last couple of decades…

Do you own any retro-Macs? What discoveries have you made whilst searching your attic?

17 thoughts on “Look what I found in the Attic…”

  1. Russell Poulter

    WOW! Cool find. Have you tried plugging them in to your iMac to see if they still work?

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @Russell → I don’t think it will plug into my modern Mac. The earlier ones use the old-style connections.

    I may clean it up and sell it to an antique shop when I’m 90 😉

    Reminds me of Back to the Future, with the PC in the window…

    Thanks for commenting

  3. Paul Murray

    I recently bought a new iMac which came with a magic mouse and fancy slimline, wireless keyboard.

    The technology sure has come a long way!

  4. Andrew Keir

    I only recently threw out my Newton MessagePad 100 from 1994 or something lol.

    Who needs an iPhone when you have 20mhz of RAW POWAH!

  5. Rob Cubbon

    I think I remember using one of those rectangular mice. I’m not going to be rich when I’m 90 as I’ve thrown everything out (including my old Proforma 6400/180 that cost a fortune and was a hunk o’ junk!)

  6. Andrew Kelsall

    @Paul → I’ve got a magic mouse, but never used it! Wacom all the way 😉

    @Andrew → 20mhz was the bees-knees back-in-the-day; you should’ve kept it!

    @Rob → I only started using macs when they released those horrible hockey-pucks at Uni. Not one of Steve Jobs best products…by far. I threw out my Spectrum +2 twenty years ago. Wish I kept that one…

  7. Rob Cubbon

    Ah, those horrible hockey-pucks use to give me cramp in my fingers. Also, I used to have a Spectrum when I was a kid – maybe my Dad still has it!

  8. Andrew Keir

    I’m waiting for technology to be like in the movie Johnny Mnemonic.

    A little implant, then just plug my head into a computer and have it render all my ideas for me. Knock over a months work in an hour or so.

  9. Viktor

    We have a buttload of old mac stuff lying around, some pretty old school stuff. It’s very interesting how much it’s evolved.

  10. Andrew Kelsall

    @Rob → I used to have the classic game “Oh Mummy” for Spectrum. Classic.

    @Andrew → Its not one of Keanu Reeves’ best movies…I prefer Matrix 2 🙂

    @Viktor → Hay, keep hold of it 🙂

    Thanks all for commenting…

  11. Rob Cubbon

    Talking about the Spectrum, Andrew, do you remember Manic Miner or the Hobbit?

  12. Andrew Kelsall

    @Rob → Just caught me before bedtime! We designers are always burning the midnight oil aren’t we? I may remember Manic Miner; it does ring a bell. What was the game about?

  13. Rob Cubbon

    (Answer this some other time – I don’t want to keep you up). As far as I remember (this was 30 years ago) you could go left, right and jump and some of the walk ways sort of dissolved if you walked over them. http://www.xmixdrix.com/manicminer/ The object was to get keys and proceed to the next level? Follows a well-trod path of various layer games. I used to play it while listening to early Pink Floyd albums when I should have been revising for my o-levels. (This wasn’t the time of early Pink Floyd, by the way, I would say 1983-4).

  14. Andrew Kelsall

    @Rob → No you didn’t keep me up, StumbleUpon did! After viewing your link, I do have a slight recognition of the game. Looks like a classic! I was born in ’79, so no Pink Floyd for me 😉