Five Reasons Everyone Should Be More Secure Online

From artists to businesspeople, from adults to children, from everyone to anyone being secure online is one of the most important precautions you can take. Our lives are entirely online. They are our public personas that we create and communicate to others with. There’s private information from your deepest secrets to your family’s vacation photos. You have information stored digitally to keep it protected from damage. You protect that digital information for the sake of your safety. Here are five reasons why you should be more secure online:

  1. Company’s Get Hacked
    One of the biggest reasons that you should never have the same password for everything is that companies and websites get hacked all the time. What’s worse is that when they get hacked, they usually don’t have a legal obligation to inform their customers, so many companies won’t admit to getting hacked at all. This means that if they were hacked, your information (like your banking details) could be at risk and you won’t even know to change or prepare for it.
  2. You Could be Blackmailed
    When someone hacks you, specifically, they can hold your information hostage. If you are a company or a small business, for instance, who sells digital information like images, this could be devastating. The time and effort your put in into creating your online database could be wiped out in mere moments if you don’t pay the hacker. Being secure is important. For individuals and for companies alike.
  3. You Don’t Want to Lose Your Data
    Not being secure also means potentially losing data (and not usually to hackers, either). When that happens, not even a redundant array of independent disks can help you. Thankfully, there are RAID 0 data recovery services, meaning that you can get your information back. If you have lost information due to hardware, don’t panic, there are usually solutions available.
  4. Digital Sharing Can Lead to Real-World Problems
    For some, social media means sharing everything. When you don’t focus on your online security, however, this could mean real-life risks as well. For instance, one should never post your current location online for the public to see. Stalking is a serious issue and you don’t want your online persona result with an unwanted encounter. Keep your privacy settings on high and ensure that you only have your real friends and family connected.
  5. Your Data is Valuable
    While data might not seem as valuable as your precious belongings, it can be more so. Data is information, and when you lose access or that information is being used against you, it can hurt far more than any robbery ever could. Stay safe and secure and protect your financials, your personal safety, and your life’s work.

Being secure online should be something that everyone strives for. Teach your children the precautions they should take online. Teach your friends, your family and your coworkers. Everyone should aim to be safe and secure online.