First Blog Post from iPad

Blogging from the iPad image

Alas, the iPad is finally here in the UK. I read posts about the pros and cons of the iPad before deciding to buy one for the following reasons:

1. To run my blog on (that is, writing new content and responding to comments).
2. To consume content (mainly RSS feeds and design research).
3. To be able to write an article whist lounging around the house and garden. Yeah, I could do this with my trusty ‘ol MacBook, but for some reason I just can’t get comfy with the little blighter—and when I do, the kids try and jump all over it.
4. Oh yeah, I want to see my kids more, without been sat in the worlds smallest office!

After writing so far (using the official WordPress App) I must say its been quite easy to say the least. I haven’t quite figured out how to crop a photo on the iPad yet (maybe there’s an App for that too), but it doesn’t bother me too much at the moment, as most of my images are cropped and watermarked in Photoshop anyway. So for now, I think I’ll give writing on the iPad a good run, but get my photos together and sort out the SEO pack information on my iMac before publishing.

….Hmm, I can’t seem to make a link.

The jury is still out.

5 thoughts on “First Blog Post from iPad”

  1. Paul Galbraith

    Nice to see you’re putting your iPad to good use Andrew. I sometimes use mine for writing the content for posts and approving comments etc, but have not tried to edit images or post an article from my iPad yet. Though I will attempt to do the whole thing on it at some stage – it’ll be good practice in case I want to create a post whilst on a trip.

  2. Andrew Keir

    “I haven’t quite figured out how to crop a photo on the iPad yet (maybe there’s an App for that too)”

    Yeah how’s that going? I’m not real up to date on the iPad, you can’t load normal software onto it though right? Only apps similar to the iPhone?

    That’s a huuuuge put off for me.

  3. Andrew Kelsall

    Thanks both of you for your comments. I must admit, this post id the only one I’ve done so far on the iPad; its just too much trouble doing anything beyond typing out a draft post at the moment, but I’m sure the software will improve