DeskTop Secret CMYK

CMYK illustration 1

These designs are entitled ‘DeskTop Secret: The Plane Project’ by Doopla Designers Collective. They are CMYK illustrations that graphically represent the main sections of an aeroplane. Surprisingly, there isn’t much information about these on the Doopla site, but I think they’re great.

The designs have been produced in vector format in Adobe® Illustrator, with cyan, magenta, yellow and Black (CMYK) being the only colours used. I especially like the repeating pattern photograph near the end of this post:

CMYK illustration 2

CMYK illustration 3

CMYK illustration 4

CMYK illustration 5

CMYK illustration 5a

CMYK illustration 6

Further Information

All images are © copyright Doopla Collective. Please visit their site for more fantastic illustrative design work.

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3 thoughts on “DeskTop Secret CMYK”

  1. Mark Narusson

    Hi Andrew. I agree with you – they’re great. Really simple and colourful. I think some elements could make a rather nifty T-shirt perhaps…?

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Yeah, I could see this on a Tshirt! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. Gaurav M

    Love this!!