Designer Notebook: Volume #1

This is a new series here on that showcases works that I produce for my “Designer Notebook”. There’s more details on this at the end of this post, but firstly, here are 10 of my latest designs:

i need some ideas - Digital Illustration.

“i need some ideas” – Digital Illustration

People ignore design that ignores people.

People ignore design that ignores people

concentrate illustration

“Concentrate” Illustration

It's not often you're wrong, but you're right this time

It’s not often you’re wrong, but you’re right this time

working hard or hardly working?

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I don't mind if people hate me, as long as it's for a reason, image

I don’t mind if people Hate me, as long as it’s for a Reason

Don't Just Assume. It make's an Ass out of You and Me (image)

Don’t Just Assume. It makes an Ass out of You and Me…

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black image

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (key) | An Exploration in Wordplay

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free

“Michelangelo” quote

I like to design with my hood up. Oh Yes.

I like to design with my hood up. Oh Yes.

What is the Designer Notebook?

Simply put, my Designer Notebook is a collection stuff I just feel like designing. After 2 years of blogging, I still feel as though I’m not being myself and doing what I want to do.

Previously, when I’ve had an idea for a design, I’d just jot it down in my Moleskine and forget about it. If I wanted to produce the design, I would just put it off. I’d reason that in order to produce the design, I’d have to blog about it too by making it into a poster or wallpaper or something, even messing around with multiple resolutions for downloads. In short, I have little spare time so I rarely got around to just been creative and getting my ideas “out there”.

A few weeks ago I had an idea which was quite simple: when I have a spare hour, just design something and put it out there on the web. So I spent a couple of hours coding a static sub-site pages named “Andrew Kelsall’s Designer Notebook” where I could just design what I wanted and create a page with little effort.

Ever since, I’ve produced some typographic concepts and developed ideas that I just wanted to design, pure and simple. Click on the images above to see them on the own pages and in larger size.

I’m Lovin’ it

No, not Big Macs, but I feel a lot less stressed lately about many aspects of my design-life. Ideas that float around my head are no good for me unless I get pen-to-paper and unleash them (s0 to speak).

It’s just great that I can now just have an idea, design it, upload it and get on with client work and blogging.

It’s stress relieving, creativity-liberating and helps relieve mental blocks by exploring my ideas and developing my skill-sets.

The Future?

This blog is by no means dead. I’m still going to continue writing posts about graphic design, but what I do online is evolving as time goes on. I love to illustrate and draw, and there will be much more of this in the future. As I design and add illustrations to my site, I will add them to my Designer Notebook page (as well as making “volumes” of the designs for the main blog – like this post).

At the moment, I’m keeping busy on the client-side of things. I’m currently working on a couple of logo designs, as well as posters and web templates.

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2 thoughts on “Designer Notebook: Volume #1”

  1. Kriszha

    wow, thanks for sharing wonderful posters, especially ” I don’t mind if people Hate me, as long as it’s for a Reason” 🙂

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Kriszha → No worries, glad you like them.

    The “I don’t mind if people Hate me, as long as it’s for a Reason” one comes from personal experience. I may do anther that states if everyone likes you, you’re doing something wrong. Maybe the next edition…