The day I could have died.

Car Crash Image
(PS: In case you’re wondering, the figure in the front seat of the car is my Dad who arrived on the scene and was clearing the car as it’s a write-off)

Over a week ago, I was involved in a somewhat-serious car crash. The image above shows what my car looked like after been “T-Boned” by another car on a National Speed Limit road near Lincoln, England.

I was knocked unconscious in the smash for a little while (I think), and I have little memory of the incident due to my head hitting the inside of the car (the right drivers side column or window perhaps).

The Police and ambulance staff who arrived at the scene couldn’t believe that I walked away from this crash. If a lorry had hit, me, I could have been a goner. As a Christian I don’t fear death, but I still want to live! It’s a good job my family weren’t in the car with me.

Fortunately, the occupants of the car that hit me had only minor injuries too, but their air-bags deployed; such was the force of the impact. Anyway, after suffering a little concussion, I’m okay now. My project/design schedule was thrown out of whack for a few days, especially as I was then at the east-coast for 3 days shortly afterwords.

This article is also a special thank-you for their patience in the matter.

So, I’m still alive, so please stay tuned for my upcoming articles 😉

18 thoughts on “The day I could have died.”

  1. David Airey

    So glad you weren’t seriously hurt, Andrew. Reminds me of a similar accident I was involved in, back in 98, when someone ran a red light doing at least 50mph, straight into my driver door.

  2. Kaishin

    Ouch! I feel sorry for you, and your car… most importantly you got away with your life 🙂

  3. David Bolton

    Sorry to hear about that Andrew, like you say it could have been so much worse. Hope you are recovering well.

  4. Jeanne B.

    I’m so glad your family is safe, and that you made it out essentially all right. Cars can be replaced—people can’t. Glad you’re OK.

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    @David → Ouch! Glad you walked away from that one. Where would us designers be without Hope things are well with you & the new ID blog.

    @Kaishin → Oh yeah, the car had seen better days anyway 😉

    @David → Thanks. My memory of the incident isn’t all there, but I think I’d rather not remember it anyway.

    @Jeanne → That’s the scary part of the incident—my little boy (who is 5) would’ve been sitting right behind me where the main impact was. Thanks for your concern 🙂

  6. Gareth Coxon

    Bloody hell!
    Glad to here your fine, though probably still abit shaken Andrew.

    Similar thing happened to me when I was passenger a few years back, watched a 4×4 that couldn’t stop come speeding into my passenger side. Everyone was fine except a few bruises and shakes. Car was a right off though. 4×4 didn’t have a scratch on it!

  7. David Airey

    Haha. I’m sure you’d be more than fine, Andrew, but thanks. The new blog’s taking shape. Some great content so far in my humble opinion. Plenty to follow.

  8. Andrew Kelsall

    @Gareth → Glad you escaped it! Yeah, it’s not a good thing to happen at all. My car was a write off too. Thanks for your concern 🙂

    @David → Looking forward to it. Got myself Subscribed and ready…

  9. Brian Yerkes

    Wow, Andrew. Glad to hear you walked away from it ok. That’s pretty scary.

  10. Andrew Kelsall

    @Brian → Thanks. Congrats again on your engagement 🙂

  11. Kiren

    I was T-boned in 2007, luckily the driver’s side is on the left in the States, I would have been seriously hurt otherwise, glad you’re okay though 🙂

  12. Andrew Kelsall

    @Kiren → Yeah, I’ve recovered now thanks. I’m glad you were OK too! I’ve yet to drive on the left. Maybe on a future visit to the States, I’ll hire a car and give it a go 🙂

  13. Rina Miele

    Glad to hear you’re alright. Driving is serious business. Take care and be well.

  14. Rob Cubbon

    Wow, Andrew, that sounds scary! I’m glad you’re better now but it must have been a difficult experience for you.

  15. Andrew Kelsall

    @Rina & Rob → Thanks 🙂

  16. Kyle Cottington

    Andrew – just seen this – so glad you are all alright!

  17. Andrew Kelsall

    Hi Kyle, thanks! I hope Edit Templates is going well 🙂