Client Testimonials

Here’s a selection of recommendations from some of the clients I work with…

kyle cottington of edit websites“Andrew has designed for us over the last 3 years on a number of different projects and has always produced high quality designs from website designs, logos to 2 metre tall exhibition stands. Andrew is a natural and talented designer and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other businesses.”

Kyle Cottington | Edit Websites Ltd  ─


♥ See a set of logos I created for Kyle here:

Total Logo Design Process for Edit Websites

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dominic finley image“I discovered Andrew online almost 4 years ago when I was looking for an interesting artist to design my CD album cover… I ended up using him for the project, mainly because of his impressive portfolio, reasonable price structure, and the ‘down to earth’ manner in which he dealt with me. Hiring him turned out to be a great idea because the album cover was fantastic. I gave him complete artistic freedom and what he came up with was brilliant. He has since designed the artwork for the two CD albums that followed the first one, my two websites, posters, and leaflets and so on… All my design work goes through A.K, and I highly recommend him.”

Dominic Finley | Dominic Finley Music / The songs and story of Neil Diamond – Freelance guitar & vocal entertainer / musician ─ &


♥ See a CD design I created for Dominic here:

CD Sleeve Design Process for Dominic Finley

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kelly seow of 9 fruit cards“I’m very pleased with Andrew’s work, he’s efficient and detailed to attention. I love his design and I will recommend him to other companies.”

Kelly Seow | Co-Founder of 9fruit ─



♥ See a the designs I created for Kelly here:

Card Designs for 9Fruit

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The Sunrise CD photogrpahed on some grass“Andrew has done a very professional job in designing The Sunrise CD cover for our release titled “We Have Not Heard.” He not only came up with creative ideas but was very receptive to, and able to apply specific suggestions that I gave him as well.

The Sunrise “We Have Not Heard” CD has been reviewed Nationally in CCM Magazine (four stars!) and on the Gospel Music Channel, Without a professional cover and overall design this release would not have been taken seriously and reviewed in these and other major International media outlets.”

James Mileti | The Sunrise ─


♥ See the CD design I created for James here:

CD Sleeve Art for The Sunrise [+ Process Video]

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jon morgon“Andrew was outstanding to work in designing a logo for our NGO.  He really took the time to understand what our organization was about and tailored the logo design to fit in with our mission. We could not be more satisfied with the entire process.  Andrew’s work was exceptional and his design has greatly aided us in establishing a visual identity that aids our work.”

Jon Morgan | Executive Director

Families Outreach ─


♥ See the design I created for Jon here:

Logo Design Process for Families Outreach

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CD cover design for Micky Risk“I enlisted Andrew’s help in the design of my CD artwork and was truly impressed at his creative imagination and ability to turn that into an amazing end-product.  Being consulted at key stages throughout is important to ensure that the partnership and product develops along expected lines and Andrew achieved just that.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to prospective clients.”

Micky Risk | “Long in the Making” available in the iTunes Store.


♥ See a CD design I created for Micky here:

CD Digipak Design for Micky Risk

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