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Hello! I’m Andrew Kelsall, and I provide Church Logo Design services for Christian churches worldwide. Additionally, have designed church logos for Pastors and clients in America, Australia and here in England, UK. Also, I hold a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design and I’ve been designing for clients ‘online’ for more than a decade, too!

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Examples of Church Logo Design Projects I’ve Worked on…

Here are some examples of church logo design projects that I have completed previously. Furthermore, all these design projects can be viewed in more detail via my portfolio. However, in case you navigate away from this page, please bookmark it so you can fill out the simple logo design form below. Thanks!

Harrowgate Hill Church Logo Design

Harrowgate Hill Church Logo Design Image

Firstly, this image above shows my Harrowgate Hill Church Logo Design. After being approached by members of this church (which is based in the UK), I designed a logo for them. Furthermore, I designed their stationary and welcome pack printed folder for them.




Empowerment Church Logo Design

Empowerment Church Logo Design Image

After being hired online by the pastor of Empowerment Church (based in the USA), I set to work creating their church logo design. Similarly, after designing various logo design concepts to choose from, they settled upon the logo shown above. I incorporated their tagline “Reaching – Raising – Releasing” in their design.




Christchurch United Church Logo Design

Christchurch United Church Logo Design image

Next, here is a church logo design I created for Christchurch United Church (based in the UK). As always, I set about sketching logo design ideas and concepts and presented various concepts to choose from. The church liked the concepts of having the Cross connected to leaves. This conveyed a sense of ‘freshness’ to the congregation and potential new-attendees to the church services.


St. Luke’s Church Logo Design Set

St Lukes Church Logo Design Image

I was asked by Pastor Martyn Sullivan at St Luke’s Church, South Elmsall UK, to design a fair few logo design concepts for them—and the additional organisations that were affiliated with St Luke’s. The challenge of the brief was to create a set of designs that were both individual, yet obviously part of a branding and identity structure. The designs above show the main logo used (with and without the tagline).


Wingerworth All Saints Church Logo Design

Wingerworth All Saints Church Logo Design

Finally, here’s a church logo design for Wingerworth All Saints Church. As a matter of fact, this church is located with an hours drive of where I live! The church leadership required a logo that both showed a visual-connect to their building structure (which featured stained-glass windows). It also had to incorporated bread and wine to show a communion scene.



What I can do for your Church

I can professionally create a logo logo design for your Church that is unique and well-thought-out. I take great care and time to create quality logos that will engage people. Moreover, the logo will give your church an identity within your community.

If you would like me to work on your Church Logo Design project, please use the form below…

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