Strikingly Bold Children’s Library Design by Anagrama

Mexican Design Agency, Anagrama, have created a stunning and colour-laden reading area for children. Located in Monterrey, the third largest city in Mexico, this library boasts outright surreal-looking interior architecture combined with futuristic lighting. Brilliant…

childrens library design with grey carpet

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Gallery: Bold Children’s Library Design…

spacious design interior

childrens archway

pink beams

childrens library design with handing lights

childrens library design with pyramid structures

childrens library design with large window

childrens library designers vision

childrens library design one

childrens library design with pink rafters

childrens library design with yellow triangles

Monterrey, the third largest city in Mexico, is best known for its beautiful mountains and strong industrial backbone. In the heart of the city is Fundidora Park, a unique specimen of industrial archaeology (it was previously a massive steelworks and foundry established in 1900). The park is home to extensive gardens, museums, convention centers, auditoriums, theme parks and cultural venues such as Conarte (Council for the Culture and Arts of Nuevo León) [read more].

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