My CD Sleeve Art for The Sunrise [+ Process Video]

Recently, I designed an 8-page Jewel-case styled CD Sleeve Design for an American band named The Sunrise. They are a Contemporary Christian acoustic and electric rock band, and the name of the album is “We Have Not Heard”.

Christian cd album sleeve art image

In my previous posts about CD’s that I have designed, I’ve gone through the process via explanations under the CD design images. In this case, however, I’ve made a short video about the design, which is available to watch at the end of this post. Here’s a few images of the design, and then onto the Video…

CD Sleeve Art Gallery: The Sunrise

Some early CD sleeve sketches

Above: These was a couple of early sketches of the proposed design. I originally draw some mockups in a Moleskine, then scanned them into my iMac before producing a couple of rough illustrative visuals (in the circles) to show the proposed style of the CD. These two images formed part of a PDF for the first set of proofs.

cd album sleeve art showing inner jewel case

Above: This shows the inside of the CD Jewel Case, with the [mostly] white CD set onto a Black & White Tray Card.

cd album sleeve art booklet in black and white

Above: 8 Page Booklet Design, pages 2 and 3.

Christian cd album sleeve art booklet design in B&W

Above: 8 Page Booklet Design, pages 4 and 5.

Christian cd album booklet inner pages

Above: 8 Page Booklet Design, pages 6 and 7.

Album booklet outer pages

Above: 8 Page Booklet Design, pages 8 and 1.

Christian cd album jewel case image

Above: Front Cover (with severe Sun-reflection in my garden─whoops!).

back cover of Sunrise cd design

Above: Back Cover Tray Card (again with severe Sun-reflection).

The Sunrise CD photogrpahed on some grass

Above: Front Cover shown with inner CD. I’ve taken these pics on my lawn. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Ha!

Walk-through Video of CD Sleeve Design…

This short movie shows my latest CD Sleeve design, with hints, tips and explanations of process.

If you’re reading this post via Email Subscription or RSS and can’t see this video, click here to watch it.

★ For more information on The Sunrise, please head over to their website. Also you can listen and buy their album over on iTunes. Here’s a screenshot of the tracklisting…

Andrew Kelsall's CD Sleeve art for The Sunrise on iTunes (Screenshot)

Concluding Thoughts

This was a really interesting project to work on. The design was very-much concept driven, and the band were fantastic at providing a detailed direction on how they wanted the CD design to look. I love designing CD’s, and I’d like to continue doing so as long as the format is available in the mainstream.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this CD sleeve art and the illustrative work I designed, please use the comment form below.

2 thoughts on “My CD Sleeve Art for The Sunrise [+ Process Video]”

  1. Kiren

    I really liked the second concept, a bit more impact in my eyes. But the client is always right? 🙂

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Kiren → I think both concepts would have worked well, but yeah, it was ultimately up to what the band wanted. Thanks for commenting…