Can you Code and Slice? Then work with me…

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Hello there potential freelance/contractor. I’m still in the process of starting my new online venture,, and already I’ve got a couple of print jobs lined-up. However, somewhere down the pipeline I’m going to need talented Slicers/Coders to call upon.

I’m capable of coding CSS myself, but it’s not my specialty. If I work on a print job for a client, and they request web-work, I would design their site for them, but would look to great contact to slice it for me for an arranged fee.

I would never want to turn work away because I haven’t got enough contacts, so here’s a chance to add your details.

Please copy and paste the information below in the Comment Box and add the information you want.

For example,

Specialty: CSS, XHTML & PHP. Can code for WordPress and Drupal themes. I can code to web standards, including XHTML Strict […]



URL’s of Previous Work:

Price per hour:

Average Price to slice 1 PSD File:

I know that the last question, ‘Average Price to slice 1 PSD File’ is subjective and depends on the file, so leave this one blank if you want, but provide some more info on your pricing structure, etc.

If there is any other information you would like to add, please do!

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12 thoughts on “Can you Code and Slice? Then work with me…”

  1. Richard, Peacock Carter

    It’s great to be able to give a contact that’s useful to a client, and we find it often comes right back to us – that the client we refer refers a friend/associate to us!

    Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP (some ASP.NET/Coldfusion). Have experience with most CMSs (business partner has written books on TYPO3 and Drupal; I’ve written one on MediaWiki) and shopping carts.

    URL of Previous Work:

    Price per hour: £25 per hour. but we generally work on a per-project pricing.

    Average Price to slice 1 PSD File: As you say, depends on its complexity; from about £100.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @ Richard, thanks for leaving your details with me, I’ll take a look at your portfolio soon.

  3. Tom Sinclair

    Great to have another contact 🙂

    Skills: xHTML Strict, CSS, PHP, MySQL

    URL’s of Previous Work: (most recent) (Near completion)

    That would have been so much easier with an online portfolio that Im happy to share to the public, need to get round to that ASAP!

    Price per hour: I don’t normally charge per hour for PSDs, my rates can be found here :

    Average Price to slice 1 PSD File: Depending on the file really so anywhere from £50-100

  4. Andrew Kelsall

    Hi Tom, thanks for the details, Slice me looks clean and fresh.

    Can you code for WP Themes at all?

  5. Tom Sinclair

    Just about to start one myself in the next few days to see what its like, don’t think I’ll have problems with it though unless its a lot different.

  6. Greg Wallace

    Skills: X/HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB Script, .NET, ASP, SQL, PHP

    Specialty: Full design process, from mockups through to final site layouts and pages. Custom CMS and development.

    URL’s of Previous Work:

    Price per hour: £25 per hour

    Average Price to slice 1 PSD File: Starting from £100, but would be priced on a per project basis depending on complexity and number of pages.

    Great site Andrew! Some quality work and useful articles.

  7. Andrew Kelsall

    Thanks for adding your details Greg, duley-noted…

  8. Tony Crockford

    Skills: CSS; XHTML; Some jQuery; PHP/MySQL

    Speciality: Accessible code from PSD/Fireworks PNG, Cross Browser Compatibility to Agreed Standard.

    URL’s of Previous Work:

    Price per hour: Priced per project or capped and £35ph if less than cap.

    Average Price to slice 1 PSD File: Varies according to complexity and browser support. From £85 would be a true statement, average project price c£250

  9. Andrew Kelsall

    Thanks for your details Tony.

  10. Vlad Vornicu

    Skills: XHTML/CSS; PHP/MySQL; Javascript;

    Speciality: slicing xhtml/css and general web development

    Price per hour: $20

    Average Price to slice 1 PSD file: $80 -> $170

  11. Andrew Kelsall

    @ Vlad Vornicu,

    Thanks for adding your details. I’ll take a look at your site when you have constructed it 🙂

  12. Andrew Keats

    Skills: xHTML/HTML5, XML/XSLT, css2.1/3, javascript, jQuery – experience working with the .Net framework

    Specialty: Semantic and accessible markup, and general front end web development, especially for eCommerce.

    URL’s of Previous Work: Example of more recent work would be,, and

    Price per hour: £20/hour

    Typical price for one PSD is massively variable, a product details page can be highly complex, static markup alone for all user states, stock levels and product type varations (therefore product selection interfaces) may take up to two days! That would £320. Relatively speaking, even a fairly complex CMS page is trivial to code up and would be about half a days work for £80.