My Urine Colour Chart (Pee Colour Chart) Available to Download

See my new Urine Colour Chart! Can you remember to Health and Safety Signs that I started selling a few years back? Well, now I’m adding some well-needed updates to my health-and-safety line of works. Next up is my Urine Colour Chart (Pee Colour Chart) that companies can download, print out and hand in frames.

Urine Colour Chart image

Blessed. A New Series of Printable Designs I just Released

After originally signing up for a store on ETSY years ago, I have finally decided to start selling work on there. To celebrate the new store launch, I am currently running a promotion on the where if you enter the code NEWSHOPLAUNCH75OFF at checkout, you will receive 75% off!

Here are a couple of recent designs based around the word ‘Blessed’. These are instantly downloadable and can be printed on a home printer or taken to Staples, for example, for larger poster printing. Here are the designs:

BLESSED Retro Print

Blessed, Blessed Life, Blessed Home, Art Decor

BLESSED Retro Print Inverted

Blessed Type, Blessed Home, Art Decor, Modern Type

Bee Inspired T-Shirts ‘Bee Humble, Stay Bumble’ by Kelsorian

Recently, I’ve been setting up my Illustration brand, which is named Kelsorian. After finalising various designs, they are now for sale on my Redbubble Store. Here is a recent typographic design that is now available for sale on many items and products:

Bee Inspired T-Shirts for Woman and Men

Bee Inspired T-Shirts image

T-Shirts with Black Sleeves

Bee Inspired T-Shirts with Black Sleeves image

Business Card Tips for Graphic Designers

Designing business cards can be tricky. Since most traditional paper cards get thrown in the trash, many designers have even given up the practice altogether. But the problem isn’t that business cards are obsolete. It’s that there are so many ugly or flimsy cards that no one wants.

The key to designing a great business card is to create something that people want to keep around—whether it’s a dual purpose tool, an edible card, or something that’s just too nifty to throw out. These eight steps to business card design will show you how to create a card your clients will love.

Pantone Mugs Available to Buy Now

Check out this selection of Pantone Mugs that are currently available to purchase online!* If you know a little about what Pantone colors are, then one of these coffee-holding ceramic pots may just be the what you need. Also, if you need to buy a present for your designer friend, then look no further…

Green and White Classic Pantone 12-0322 Mug with Grip

Green and White Classic Pantone Mug with Grip image