Is This the Best Paper Samples Box Ever?

Recently, I received a box of paper samples from one of my print suppliers, RCS. Now, you may think “what makes these samples so unique?”. Well, in the next few photographs I took, you’ll see why…

The Box

paper samples box delivered by fedex

Above: I wondered why the paper samples box was so think when Fedex delivered it. I normally receive yearly samples from RCS, but this [well-designed] box was 2 inch thick! Why?

The Paper Samples

Green book with Pantone colors

Above: Firstly, inside the box was a set of custom paper charts. These show how standard Pantone® colours are reproduced on the printing presses over at RCS. I find these particularly useful as they also show the exact CMYK equivalent values, which saves loads of time and effort. Normally, I would have to purchase these guides form RCS, but this year, I got them for free!

The Print Guide

Print price guide presentation box

Above: Secondly, after reviewing the useful Pantone® guides they packed, I found the new Print Price Guide. These yearly guides are free, and are the best ones I’ve seen for general purpose. At about 120 pages, this guides not only shows prices from everything including letterheads, large-format displays and posters, but also includes paper samples and other custom products that are actually stuck in the book. Such products include beer mats, playing cards, slapper-bands, data cards and a whole range of products printed on varied thicknesses of stock. But a surprise was still to come…

The Chocolates

Thorntons chocolates in print price guide delivery box

Above: Right in the bottom of the box was a fairly-generously-sized box of Thorntons Chocolates! I’m not sure if these are sold outside the UK, but these are delicious top-notch and expensive chocs that most people love here in England.

RCS really know how to look after their clients, and I think we could all learn a thing or two about their customer service. This is not an affiliate post in any way, but if you live in the UK and need printing services, I can definitely recommend RCS.

Do you receive regular paper samples? What do you think of your printers? For any questions on comments, please leave then below…

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2 thoughts on “Is This the Best Paper Samples Box Ever?”

  1. Emily

    Very nice!! I’ve got paper sample envy. 😉 What a treat that you got all those samples for free.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Emily → Yeah well, I use their services quite a lot I suppose. They’re trying to keep me “sweet” 😉