Strikingly Bold Children’s Library Design by Anagrama

28th January

Mexican Design Agency, Anagrama, have created a stunning and colour-laden reading area for children. Located in Monterrey, the third largest city in Mexico, this library boasts outright surreal-looking interior architecture combined with futuristic lighting. Brilliant…

childrens library design with grey carpet

How the Startup Design Framework Could Help Your Business

23rd January

The great guys over at DesignModo are offering a fantastic startup package. They have “created a product that will help designers, developers and companies to create a website for their startups not spending much time on it”.

Watch the Video Below – Startup Design Framework: SUIT UP Your Startup

Split Image Experiments on Color Morphology by André Britz

20th January

golden lemon

Golden Lemons? Blue Oranges and Pink Apples? Yes, this is a weird and wonderful experimental project by German designer, André Britz. I just love the way that the non-natural colours seem to mess with my preconceptions. What about you?

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