Ink in Water Photography based on Pantone Colour of the Year by Neal Grundy

Finally, here is a new general inspiration post from here on Andrew Kelsall Design. Previously, I have featured project based on Pantone colours including The Soaking Wet Pantone Rain Edition, Pantone Shades from the Human Race and even some Pantone Folding Chairs.

This project is entitled ‘Rose Quartz & Serenity’, and was undertaken by photographer Neal Grundy – being inspired by the Pantone colours of the year 2016. Neal is currently based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Check out some selected photographs from the collection…

Gallery of 7 Images // Ink in Water Photography

pink Pantone whirlwind

The Professional Designer’s Guide to using Black (Repost)

The aim of this article is to document every conceivable type of black that is destined for print and web. It is my aim that if you’re a designer, you can find some information here that you didn’t know―and if you are learning about design, I hope you can educate yourself from this post…

Designer Black

Font Bundle Deal – 30 Fonts with Extended Licenses for just $29

Here’s a fantastic font bundle deal you all you folks who need their font libraries sprucing up for as little money as possible! Save a staggering $1204 USD on these fonts, such as Octavia Script, Shallom Display and Sheilova Script*.

Font Bundle Deal -Details:

gigantic font bundle image 1

New Andrew Kelsall Site Design

To be honest, I was never truly impressed by my previous website design. I purchased a Wordpress template, modified it rather quickly, and thought ‘it will do for now’.

Anyway, now that I’m planning to actually start posting articles here on Andrew Kelsall Design again, I thought I’d give it a makeover…

New Andrew Kelsall Design Screenshot:

New 2016 Andrew Kelsall site design