My New T-Shirt Design: Quay and Key?

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29th July

Yes, it’s been a while, but I thought Id write a quick post about my new T-Shirt design,which is available to buy over on my Kelsorian Store!

typography tshirt in black key

DigiPack Design – How to keep 7pt Text Clear-to-Read

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29th June

I’m back! I thought I’d start offering tips and advice here on Andrew Kelsall Design again, so I’m experimenting with Instagram videos…

#cdcoverdesign for Micky Risk. How to achieve perfectly clear black text when it is only set in 7pt #digipack

A video posted by Andrew Kelsall (@kelsorian) on Jun 29, 2016 at 3:52am PDT

Andrew Kelsall & The Fan

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6th December

Thanks everyone for subscribing over the years. I’ve now moved over to Mail Chimp to resume with the occasional Email Update. I’m working on lots of cool projects, so please stay tuned.

To prove I’m ‘still alive’ – here’s a selfie I just took showing a massive fan I fitted to my ceiling. Why? No idea. It’s so powerful, I cant use it as it blows paper everywhere.

Oh, if you want to unsubscribe, please use the link at the base of the emails – thanks again…

Andrew Kelsall in tiny office image

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