5inch: Truly Unique Media

A while ago, I ordered some great-looking CD cases from a truly unique online CD and DVD media company named 5inch (by the way, this IS NOT an affiliate post).

5inch cd poster design image

The 5inch site is packed full of original, exciting and unique CD & DVD print designs, along with special colourful cases to match.

5inch cdr prints image

I once ordered some of their discs for a client project, and was very impressed with the quality of their products.

5inch dvd prints image

I even received a massive poster showing their CD designs when I made my first order (top photo), which has been on many different walls over the past 3 years.

So, if you ever need a pre-printed custom CDR or DVDR, I would definitely recommend 5inch. They also do hubs and Tees, too 🙂

6 thoughts on “5inch: Truly Unique Media”

  1. Beth McLain

    Nice Resource. Thanks for your suggestion. They have a lots of collection to chose from..


  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Glad this article could be of help to you both 🙂